Live Casino Games at SlotsLV

The online casino world has been revolutionized. Now you can get the same social mingling that used to be reserved for live casinos in the more convenient online casino format. It’s possible through the live dealer casino games, which have real people dealing the cards in a casino studio that gets live streamed straight to SlotsLV for you.

In a live casino, online games rely on the mechanical shuffling of decks as opposed to the algorithms used in RNG games. It’s a much more human way to play casino games, as you can chat with the dealer and other players through text boxes. As soon as you join a live table, the dealer will greet you by your screen name.

Available SlotsLV Live Casino Games

Live dealer online casino games are all the rage at SlotsLV Casino. The table games here include blackjack, roulette, baccarat and super 6. A special Live Dealer version of blackjack called Early Payout Blackjack is also available. The “Early Payout” feature lets you forfeit a hand in exchange for an unknown payout. The size of the payout depends on the strength of your hand and the dealer’s up-card and increases when your probability of winning is good.

This version of live blackjack casino also has a valuable Basic Strategy feature built in that highlights the optimal move to make for each hand based on basic strategy. It’s a great way for beginners to learn optimal play without having to keep consulting with a strategy chart.

SlotsLV live baccarat is also available with a live dealer and in this version, you get the bonus of a side bet that you won’t find in the standard RNG version. It’s the Dragon Bonus bet, and it pays when you win with a Natural, or by a 4-point margin as a minimum. The greater the win margin, the more you get paid, up to a maximum of 30X your bet for a 9-point win margin.

A close cousin to baccarat, super 6 is available only in SlotsLV live dealer online casino. It has five side bets that really spice up the gameplay, including the aforementioned Dragon Bonus from baccarat, plus a Player Pair, Banker Pair, Either Pair and a side bet called the Super 6, from which the game gets its name.

Roulette fans will be pleased to know that two versions are available for live casino roulette: American and European variations. Choose if you want the extra double-zero, or just the single one for the lower edge. Then let the croupier put in the arm work.

How to Play Live Dealer at SlotsLV

SlotsLV’s live casino games make it possible to play your favorite online casino games with a real person running the show. In order for this to be possible, the game buttons are integrated onto a screen that receives the live feed. When you place a bet, the dealer can see what you want to do through a screen and act accordingly.

When you browse the list of live dealer casino games at SlotsLV, the dealer currently working the table is displayed on the game card, along with the number of open seats. To join, pick a table with an opening and the stream will appear on your screen. Each player has a seat, as depicted by a small circle beside the player’s screen name, and you can drag the chips from the base of the screen onto your live casino betting circle at the start of the round.

A chat box to the side of the screen makes it possible to type messages to the other players at the table and the dealer, creating a casual social environment. Your messages will be connected to your screen name, which you create upon entering the game.

Mobile Live Casino on the Go

The SlotsLV Live Dealer Casino can be accessed from your computer, laptop, phone and tablet. No matter what your preferred platform is, you can pull up the live dealer games with ease. For mobile players, simply type in to your phone’s web browser to pull up our mobile casino. There are no apps to download, or programs to install. Just log in to your SlotsLV account on your web browser and head over to our live casino. Online RNG games use less data than our live dealer games, so we recommend connecting to WiFi when you intend to play a live dealer casino game. If there are any interruptions to connectivity mid-play, your bet will stay in place and if you win, your payout is added to your account automatically.

Live Dealer Online with Friends

Arguably, the best part of the live dealer experience is the opportunity to socialize through the chat box. You can chat with the live dealer and with the other players at the table, addressing people by their screen names and the dealer by his or her first name.

For a social hangout with friends, you could round up your posse and plan to play at the same table simultaneously. This is especially fun with live dealer blackjack, as there are back betting opportunities. If a friend experiences a hot streak, you could try to capitalize on their luck by back betting, especially since it’s someone you know and trust.

The SlotsLV live casino is a great option for players that are looking for a new experience online. Combining the best parts of a land-based casino with the preferred format of the online casino is the answer that many people have been looking for in our SlotsLV community. Give it a try today and see if you like the vibe of playing with others—or at the very least, the extra features and side bets that come from the live dealer versions of our most popular table games.

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