Play HOT DROP Jackpots at SlotsLV

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of winning a jackpot, so why not play casino games that have jackpots dropping non-stop! There are hourly prizes. Every day! With SlotsLV Hot Drop Jackpots, there’s a new jackpot to be won every hour, on top of one that drops once per day and one that drops before a certain prize amount is hit! These are must win jackpots, meaning that they are pretty much paying out all the time. With at least 25 jackpots paid out daily in each of these must win games, who can blame players for falling in love with Hot Drop Jackpots at SlotsLV?

How to Play Hot Drop Jackpots

If you were wondering what are Hot Drop Jackpots, they are an exciting new way to play, and are taking America by storm. Check out our top online slots for real money like Golden Buffalo, A Night with Cleo and 777 Deluxe that have been given the Hot Drop Jackpot treatment. You can access them above by clicking on any of the game cards on this page.

The prizes are displayed inside the games and update in real-time, so when you see they are getting closer to reaching their limits, you'll want to start spinning! They also turn red, indicating they are getting ready to explode!

Each slot has regular gameplay, but you’ll be searching for the Jackpot symbol. When you get 3 Jackpot symbols anywhere on the reels, you trigger the Wheel of Jackpots, spinning with hourly, daily and super jackpots waiting to be won. And when the Wheel stops, a sweet payday is ready to come your way.

We’ll be adding new casino games to our Hot Drop Jackpots lineup all the time! Watch for your favorites to be included.

Three Types of Hot Drop Jackpots

As mentioned above, there are three types of Hot Drop Jackpots at SlotsLV, and all three work like a progressive jackpot. What this means is that a percentage of each wager made by all players is added to the pots over time until we have a winner.

When it comes to how to win playing SlotsLV Hot Drop Jackpots, two of them must be won before a certain time limit is reached. One of them must be won before a certain prize amount is reached. These jackpot totals update in real-time as displayed inside the game.

Hourly Jackpots

These need hardly any explanation: They are hourly must win jackpots that will drop before the 60 minutes are up. They boast a prize pot of over $1K per hour! A countdown timer is displayed below the total amount in the SlotsLV Hot Drop Jackpots panel to the left of the reels. As the time limit approaches, the hourly jackpot will start to glow red. When you see this happen, playing at that time will give you your best odds of winning. Once they have dropped, they will be displayed as ‘Just Won’, with a countdown timer for when the next hourly must win jackpot will be activated.

Daily Jackpots

These won’t only make your day, daily hot drop jackpots could change your whole year with their prize pot of on average $25K per day. Every day we have one new winner for these great payouts, and the next one could be you! A countdown timer can also be found in-game. Watch for when it starts to glow red hot, since this is the daily jackpot that really makes it rain for our players. Don’t miss out!

Super Jackpots

This is the BIG one! When it drops, one lucky player will have a whole new outlook on life! While the other two must drop jackpots must be won before a set time limit, this massive windfall must be won before reaching the prize amount of up to $250K! So when this baby is red hot, you know what to do. You have to spin it for your chance to win it! There's up to a quarter of a million dollars waiting.

What makes these jackpots stand out from other progressive jackpots is how frequently they must drop. Here’s some of the benefits of playing hot drop jackpots.

Benefits of Playing Hot Drop at SlotsLV

The best thing about all three Hot Drop SlotsLV Jackpots is that they are always dropping! There will be winners every hour of each and every day. Sometimes, you're playing for all three jackpots at once, too! So, if you love a good jackpot and want lots of chances to win, then hit spin on any of our Hot Drop Jackpot games. It’s that easy to play!

Plus, you can play these slots with an easy-to-follow winning strategy. When any of the daily drop jackpots get closer to their maximum time or prize amount, your odds of winning increase for each spin you take. For example, hourly drop jackpots are available each hour, and by the end of the 60 minutes, your chance of winning increases. Somebody pretty much has to win before the time or amount limit is reached, so it’s a matter of being at the right place, at the right time. And that’s on top of all the regular ways you can win while playing these popular slots, too!

And last but not least – these games bring the entertainment and the excitement! Keeping track of daily jackpots SlotsLV amounts and how ‘hot’ they are is a lot of fun! This is updated live in the games, just to the left of the reels, and it adds a whole new element of enjoyment that our players expect from SlotsLV. That’s what makes this casino your happy place.

Hot Drop Jackpots with Bitcoin

SlotsLV is all about being the best it can be for our great players, and a big part of that is thanks to our crypto casino options. It’s true – we accept credit cards and other payment methods. But if you want the best casino experience around (including more rewards, special offers, lower fees, and faster payouts), then you want to deposit with cryptocurrency. We accept popular currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Tether (USDT). This also means you can play any of our Hot Drop Jackpot slots after depositing with cryptocurrency, no problem!

When you deposit with cryptocurrency for the first-time, you’ll can also take advantage of our Welcome Bonus. It’s given a serious boost for anyone using cryptocurrency! Instead of claiming up to $5,000 with your first nine deposits, you can claim up to $7,500 just for using crypto! And you can use your deposit to play any of our SlotsLV Hot Drop Jackpots whenever you want!

You’ve landed at the best crypto casino online! Deposit with cryptocurrency and play Hot Drop SlotsLV Jackpots, with must drop hourly and daily prizes. There's more jackpots than ever before!

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