Video Poker

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How to play video poker


At its most basic level, video poker is a fast-paced poker-like slot machine. You are dealt 5 cards initially and decide which to keep and which to ditch, just like you would any other poker hand. There are some video poker variations between versions so ensure you familiarize yourself with the rules ahead of betting and load the game in Practice Mode first to ensure you understand how to win your money.


After you’ve ditched the cards that you don’t want there is a second draw. That second draw is the final one with your hand against the machine’s. Whichever hand is strongest wins the bet. Then you start all over again. It’s a fun and easy game to get the hang of once you understand what variation you are playing and what’s wild and what isn’t.


Variations available on video poker include Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. In Deuces Wild, 2s are considered wild cards which means they can be anything that you need them to be in order to make a winning hand. To win you must have at least 3 of a kind. The hands progressively get stronger as below:


1.     3 of a kind

2.     Straight

3.     Flush

4.     Full house

5.     4 of a kind

6.     Straight flush

7.     5 of a kind

8.     Wild Royal with 2s

9.     4 deuces

10.  Royal flush


As the name suggests, Jacks or Better has you trying for at least a pair of Jacks or a higher hand to win. The hands progressively get stronger as below:


1.     Pair of jacks or higher

2.     2 pairs

3.     3 of a kind

4.     Straight

5.     Flush

6.     Full house

7.     4 of a kind

8.     Straight flush

9.     Royal flush


Other variations you are likely to come across include Joker Poker and Double Bonus. They’re all slightly different ensuring that your gameplay doesn’t get too boring while you’re sitting and winning hand after hand. The very last thing we want is for our players to find themselves bored and listless while they struggle to find an interesting and engaging enough game to play. We want you having fun and we want you winning.


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