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Play Online Specialty Games

Play Online Specialty Games

Bingo, Keno, and scratch cards are all considered online specialty games at Casino. This category comprises games that don’t quite fit into the conventional game classifications of table games, slots and video poker, but are very popular nonetheless.


Their popularity stems from the quick and easy formats embraced by specialty game developers. When time is tight, real money specialty games provide quick bursts of entertainment with very little time commitment required. If you have a few minutes while waiting in a lineup, you can always fire up Casino on your smartphone and get in a round of online Bingo, or reveal the hidden icons of a scratch card, and who knows, you could be on the receiving end of a payout from the spontaneous play.


In this guide, you’ll learn a little bit about each specialty game offered on this page. Some games are more popular than others, and we’ll explain why that is. Finally, if you don’t know where to start your specialty game journey, we suggest specific games that match specific motivations for playing. All you need to do is reflect on what kind of experience you want, and we’ll recommend an appropriate game at the bottom of the guide. But first, let us introduce the games through a brief overview.



Online Specialty Games Overview

On this page, you’ll see four types of specialty games: Bingo, Scratch Cards, Keno and Sudoku. Bingo and Keno are both lottery-style casino games, meaning, you get numbers pulled from a range, and a select few numbers are drawn from a pot as the winning numbers and people are paid out according to the game rules. With Bingo, you’re trying to complete lines on a card, while for Keno, you’re simply looking to get the minimum number of hits required for a win.


As for scratch cards, these are the same cards you’d buy over the counter at a corner store, but the digital component means they’re much more interactive and engaging. Watch penguins play, or a pirate cheer you on—simply pick the theme that appeals to you most and watch the animations come to life.


While you’re likely already familiar with the Japanese number placement game called Sudoku, the casino version may be new to you. With a 3X3 grid that contains spinning numbers, this game has the feel of a slot machine. Land matching or consecutive numbers for payouts that range from 1 to 50,000 coins.



Most Popular Specialty Games

If you want to try playing a specialty game, but aren’t sure where to start, check out the most popular games outlined below.



Online Bingo

Our most popular Bingo games are the themed ones that come jam-packed with bonus features and progressive jackpots. Choose between adventures in the Amazon, a soccer game at a major stadium, deep-sea fishing, visiting a remote fishing village, and more. Unlike classic Bingo, these games include bonus rounds for extra cash, and an “Extra Balls” feature that lets you purchase extra numbers when you’re one number shy of a win.



Online Scratch Cards

Our most popular scratch card also happens to be the one with the biggest payout. With Penguin Payday, you can win up to 80X your bet, whereas the other online scratch cards max out at 50X. You need at least three matching multiplier icons (out of a total of six) to win a payout.



Online Keno

Enjoyed by people all over the world, Keno can be played in casinos, pubs, lounges, and online, and it lets people choose their own lucky numbers. We have two versions of online Keno in our casino: a classic and a new one that’s mobile optimized. The new one, called Keno Draw, is the more popular version, as it comes with customizable options, such as several options for background colors, and the ability to record your own lucky numbers.



Specialty Games Guide

Finding the best specialty game for you involves knowing what you want from your casino experience. We’ve listed four motivations for playing along with the corresponding specialty game that best complements the motivation.


Entertainment: The themes and interactive animations on our scratch cards make for highly entertaining experiences. Just imagine how outrageous it would be to visit a recluse neighbour in a dismal apartment and help scratch itches he just can’t reach. That’s the storyline of Itchin’ 2 Win—a scratch card that pays up to 50X your bet.


Thrill: Is there anything more thrilling than yelling “Bingo!” when you finally get that last number needed to complete a winning line? Intensify the thrill by playing a version of Bingo that has a progressive jackpot. Amazonia Bingo, Bingo Goal, and Bingo Ribeirinhos all have progressive jackpots for landing Bingo within the first 30 numbers drawn.


Relaxation: Anyone looking to wind down with a specialty game will appreciate the tranquility of Sudoku: Number Box Game. The Japanese-inspired background and soundtrack help get you into a relaxed state of mind where you can let any worries slide away.


Luck: Do you feel lucky? Test your luck by picking all your favorite numbers on a Keno card and seeing which ones hit. You can readjust your numbers after each round, or keep them the same. If you don’t have lucky numbers, use the Quick Pick feature to get a random assortment of 15 numbers.


Playing specialty games is a great way to break up a monotonous casino routine. They come with no learning curves and provide just as thrilling of an experience as you’d get playing the slots. Next time you feel unsatisfied spinning reels, try to shake things up by playing a round of Bingo, or filling out a Keno card. Our online versions are miles ahead of the traditional ones you’ve likely played in the past.