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There’s something about blackjack that feels right when you play it in the company of other people; it’s meant to be a social game after all. The players at the table are all pitted against the dealer, and quite often, the end result is a group of people having fun in unison.

When you play live blackjack real money at SlotsLV Casino, you get the social camaraderie without the inconvenience of having to travel to a casino. We have real people dealing the cards and it’s all streamed through a live feed. Simply select the buttons on screen to make the moves you want, and the live dealer will respond accordingly. Feel free to chat with the other people at the table and the dealer too, using the chat box.

How to Play Live Dealer Blackjack on SlotsLV

Playing live casino blackjack games here at SlotsLV is a very rewarding experience. One version of the game has features specially designed to help beginners learn basic strategy. It also makes it possible for players to decide whether or not to quit early in exchange for a payout. That’s your Early Payout Blackjack, and it’s exclusive to our live dealer casino.

In order to start playing live dealer blackjack, you’ll need to have a SlotsLV account set up and have funds deposited into your bankroll. If it’s your first time depositing with us, be sure to check out our Welcome Bonus for up to $7,500 in match bonus money that’s designed to be used in the non-Live Dealer section (RNG section) of our casino, where you’ll find several versions of RNG blackjack.

With your bankroll funded, you can join one of the live casino blackjack tables. You’ll be able to see who the dealer, as the dealer’s photo is displayed on the game card. Then launch a session, taking one to three seats at the table. The dealer will greet you by your screen name when you take your seat.

You’ll quickly come to realize that Early Payout Blackjack has some intriguing features. For one, there are prompts for learning basic blackjack strategy. Every step of the round has an optimal move, according to strategy, and the feature highlights the move automatically. This makes it very easy for beginners to learn blackjack strategy even if they’ve never played before.

As for the Early Payout feature of the game, every time you’re dealt a new card, you can take an early payout and forfeit the round. With Early Payout Live Blackjack, real money payouts for ending the round early always take into consideration the strength of your hand and the dealer’s up-card.

A third feature that’s unique to online blackjack, live dealer version, is the back betting option. Back betting lets you bet on another player at the table. You’ll be required to place a bet when they do, including scenarios that involve doubling and splitting. The benefit is that you win a payout every time the player you’re back betting wins.

SlotsLV Live Blackjack on Mobile

Live Dealer Blackjack is available on mobile (and tablets) for those who like to take their casino live gaming with them on the road. The best connection is always a WiFi connection, but a standard data plan works when there’s no WiFi around. Just keep in mind that live dealer casino games consume more data than our standard RNG games since there’s a live stream.

At SlotsLV Casino, we have the simplest mobile casino on the web. Simply launch our website from your phone’s web browser, and watch our site automatically revert to the mobile version. Our blackjack live dealer games are all mobile friendly.

Live Casino Blackjack Rules

Live Dealer Blackjack has a similar set of rules as the classic multi-deck version. The games use six-deck shoes that are shuffled manually after every round. As the player, you can hit if you want another card, double if you like your odds of winning and want exactly one more card (you’re allowed to double any two cards, even after a split), split once per round if you want to divide your two cards of matching rank into separate hands, and surrender if you want to forfeit the round and retrieve half of your bet (unless the dealer has Blackjack). Keep in mind, when splitting Aces, you’re forced to stand after receiving one more card.

The dealer aims to build a hand with a score of 17 or higher, and hits on soft 17. You’re objective is to get a higher hand than the live dealer without exceeding a score of 21. Beyond the main bet, there are also side bets that include:

  • Pairs: Pays if you’re dealt a pair in your initial two-card hand.
  • Rummy: Pays when your two-card hand and the dealer’s up-card combine to form a Rummy. Rummy hands are three-card straights (4h, 5c, 6d), triples (7c, 7h, 7d) and flushes (4c, 10c, 7c).

Live Dealer Blackjack with Bitcoin

One of the best ways to play live dealer blackjack is with Bitcoin as a transaction method. Using Bitcoin gives you access to the best promotions in the industry and leads to faster withdrawals and guaranteed deposits. No more blocked deposits or waiting around for checks to be delivered to your front door by a courier.

All of the games in our casino can be played when you use Bitcoin, or one of our four accepted cryptocurrencies, to deposit funds into your account. Upon deposit, the funds are automatically exchanged to USD in order to protect your bankroll from any potential market fluctuations. When it’s time to request a withdrawal, you can request it via Bitcoin in order to get it transferred to your digital wallet in lightning speed after the withdrawal is authorized.

Regardless of your preferred deposit method, live dealer online casino should be experienced by everyone. Launch a session of online blackjack live dealer today and see how it stacks up to the RNG version.

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