Play Live Baccarat Online at SlotsLV

Our live dealer baccarat games offer an experience that’s akin to being at a land-based casino, but with the convenience of getting to play from the comfort of home. Play live baccarat online, with real people dealing the cards. In our casino studio, real people run the games and it’s all recorded on a live feed that’s shown at SlotsLV Casino.

Getting to chat with the SlotsLV dealers and other players at the live table always leads to a fun time. For those who don’t like the RNG technology of standard online casino games, the live dealer versions offer the perfect solution: the decks are mechanically shuffled after every round—no algorithms involved. It’s the ideal product for people seeking a more human experience at an online casino.

SlotsLV Available Live Baccarat Games

Baccarat can be played two different ways in our live dealer online casino: you can play baccarat in its traditional form, or you can play super 6. The standard game has the same rules as our baccarat table version, except for the addition of a side bet called the Dragon Bonus. This bet makes it possible to win a payout that ranges between 1:1 to 30:1, depending on how many points your hand wins by.

Super 6 has the Dragon Bonus side bet, too, and it also has four other side bets and a slight twist on the payout structure. The side bets include three Pair bets that pay when the Banker is dealt a pair (11:1), when the Player is dealt a pair (11:1), or when either side (5:1) is dealt a pair. As for the Super 6 side bet, this pays 12:1 when the Banker wins with a score 6, which ties into the key difference between baccarat and super 6.

Baccarat has always offered even-money payouts for the Player, and even-money minus a 5% commission for the Banker since the Banker has a slight positional advantage over the Player. However, in super 6, the Player and Banker both offer even-money payouts, except for when the Banker wins with a score of 6, in which case, the payout is half of your bet—unless you happen to take that Super 6 side bet!

How to Play Live Casino Baccarat

Baccarat is extra fun to play live. Since there’s very little in the way of strategy, you can just enjoy the game for what it is: a chance to win some cash while hanging out (virtually) with other casino players. In order to experience live casino baccarat at SlotsLV, you can launch a session of either baccarat or super 6 right from this page. You’ll be prompted to create a screen name that the dealer will greet you by when you join the table. Once seated, you’ll see who else is at the table by their screen names.

The game buttons are on the screen beneath the baccarat live casino stream at the beginning of the round. You have the standard Player, Banker and Tie bets in addition to the side bets that are exclusive to these live dealer versions. The common baccarat features that show you the history of the past rounds are enabled for your convenience.

Mobile Live Dealer Baccarat

Our Live Dealer baccarat games are available on mobile and don’t require any downloads. It’s as easy as visit on your phone’s web browser and logging in to your SlotsLV account. The mobile version of our casino will be condensed for small screens. Use the “hamburger” icons to open navigational menus, and don’t forget to tilt your phone to “Landscape” mode when you launch a live baccarat session.

Live Baccarat Rules

You don’t necessarily need to know all of the rules of baccarat to join in, but understanding the basics certainly helps round out the experience. This is a card game that pits two sides against each other: the Banker and the Player. Both sides will aim to get the higher score by the end of the round, up to a maximum of 9 points.

The card value system has all face cards worth 0 points, Aces worth 1 point, and the rest have face value. After adding up the value of the cards in the hand, scores that exceed 9 points are modified, with the first digit removed, leaving just the second digit as the final score. For example if a Five and Six combine for 11 points, the end score is just 1 point after removing the first digit. Hands are calculated automatically by the live dealer.

Both sides start with just two cards each, and if either is dealt an 8 or 9 right off the bat (called a Natural), the round ends. If not, the Player goes next. A score of 5 or below results in the Player drawing a third card, whereas a 6 or 7 stands. If the Player stands, the Banker follows suit, drawing a third card on a 5 and below and standing with a 6 or 7. However, if the Player draws a third card, the Banker must act according to house rules.

At the end of the round, the Player’s and Banker’s hands are compared, and the side with the higher score wins. Hopefully you bet on that winning hand at the start of the round!

Baccarat Live Casino with Bitcoin

Crypto players are welcome to play here at SlotsLV Casino. We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, and we have plenty of promotions that boost your deposit when you use one of these cryptocurrencies. Check out our Welcome Bonus offer, which offers a bigger match bonus with a higher cap to crypto players.

After making a crypto deposit, all of the live games at SlotsLV Casino are available to you, including the live dealer version of baccarat. The funds will be changed to USD while they’re in your SlotsLV account in order to protect your bankroll from any market changes. Then when it’s time to withdraw, you can select Bitcoin as a withdrawal method, and enjoy the speed in which your funds move from your SlotsLV account to your crypto wallet. There’s no faster way to move money at SlotsLV than with a cryptocurrency.

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