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Whether you're nostalgic for the cartoons of yesteryear, or prefer something a little more modern, our cartoon slots will have something in a style that you’ll love. These games are all about graphic style. There are some based on beloved cartoons, such as Birds of Fury and Robin Hood and His Merry Wins, but most slots have a cartoon style with characters that are entirely unique. In fact, some of these characters are so much fun that we’d love to see them made into cartoons in their own right.

Another great thing about this category are the animations. If you loved the "Kapows" and "Crashes" that would pop up in those old-school cartoons, then chances are you’ll love these slots. Colorful and bold graphics, upbeat theme tunes, and charismatic characters are what makes this genre so special and if that sounds up your alley, you’ll feel right at home. You can find our top real money online slots with a cartoon theme below.

Most Popular Cartoon Slot Machines

Our best cartoon slots are real player favorites, and now it's your time to play.

Gold Rush Gus and the City of Riches

If there ever was a cartoon character that was meant to be then its good old Gus, and now he's back for a sequel: Gold Rush Gus and the City of Riches. This guy is the epitome of a gold hunter with his white moustache, tattered cowboy hat and cheerful blue overalls. Gus will be accompanying you to the digging site where you’ll hopefully be unearthing all kinds of riches. The reels feature a fantastic selection of beautifully illustrated symbols including a precious vase, golden necklace, birds, lions and a fearsome snake statue. These are the symbols that will net you the larger payouts, so look out for them.

In terms of gameplay, this themed cartoon slot has a 5x3 grid with 10 fixed paylines, making it a simple one for those who are just getting started with this genre of game. With that said, there are enough special features to keep even veteran players interested such as a generous progressive jackpot, random bonus spins, a coin gamble game and plenty more.

Bulletproof Babes

While Gold Rush Gus has a classic American cartoon style, there are a whole world of other cartoon styles out there to explore. Bulletproof Babes takes the famous Anime style, originally from Japan, and brings it to the world of slot games. If you were fans of Dragon Ball Z or Sailor Moon then you’ll love this game. The graphics are totally original and work so perfectly with the soundtrack that this almost feels like a familiar cartoon show.

One of the most unique features is that you can choose which character you’d like to play alongside. If you reach the bonus rounds where the babes have to battle it out then you’ll have to select which of these warriors you’d like to get into the ring. If you win, whether in the Bulletproof battle, or just in general, you’ll be treated to some pretty fancy animations, helping to really set Bulletproof Babes apart from the competition.

Birds of Fury

Remember Angry Birds? The mobile app burst onto our smartphone screens in 2009 and we immediately loved it. Since then it’s become a movie franchise in its own right, received more than a billion downloads, and has even inspired this cartoon slot machine, Birds of Fury. The creators of this game have used cartoon-style birds in yellow, red, blue, black and green as half of the paying symbols on the reels. As for bonus features, watch out for the black birds as these will net you extra coins if you land five of them at once.

This game is great for low and high rollers alike as you can wager as little as $0.25 and as much as $125. Plus, with a return to player rate of 97% this themed cartoon slot offers a percentage that’s plenty above average.

Our List of Cartoon Slot Machines

Why You Should Play Cartoon Slot Games

There are plenty of reasons! Perhaps the reason that most players enjoy this style of game is because of the sense of nostalgia. Many titles use illustration styles from cartoons that we loved in the past. The characters might be a little different, but the bright and bold style is exactly how you fondly remember it.

As well as this, when a character becomes particularly popular, they often earn themselves a new game. Gold Rush Gus was such a hit with slots fans that he already has a sequel to his name, and if people keep enjoying his gold mining adventures, then maybe he’ll get another. That's why online casinos have so many games like these.

Getting to know characters and join them on even more adventures is one of the best parts of cartoon slots games, the developer’s imaginations really are the limit.

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Will I see any familiar cartoon characters on the reels?

At the moment, there aren’t any officially licensed cartoon slots, which means you won’t see anyone you recognize from television or movies. However, there are plenty that have characters who will seem familiar. For example, Robyn takes inspiration from the hit movie Brave, and Birds of Fury definitely borrows from Angry Birds.

Are there any superhero slots?

What’s not to love about a superhero story? These superhuman characters are an inspiration to us all and you’ll find plenty of them here. Multiplier Man and Galaxy Stars are a great place to start, as they have a classic superhero theme that old-school fans will love.

Can I find cartoon slots with animations?

Video slots bring a whole other element of excitement and online casino, and ours has more than its fair share of them. If you want your wins to be accompanied by fireworks, or the feats of a cartoon superhero to be complete with animated “Kapows” then you’ve come to the right place.

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