Casino slots come in many shapes and sizes. You’ve got your Aztec slots, Greek mythology-inspired slots, animal themes, fantasy games, and retro throw-backs. But there’s one theme that sees a ton of action at any time of year, and that’s spy games.

Become a spy and you get to take on a new identity, receive special orders from a top-secret agency, and drive fast cars. Essentially, you get to channel your inner James Bond. What’s not to like about that? The spy theme makes for exhilarating slot games, as can be attested by the popular I-Slot Spy Game.

This is as engaging as slots get. The game begins with a mission.


You are a Super Spy for the Super Spy Agency. You’ve been informed of a secret factory producing weapons of mass destruction and you have been instructed to neutralize it.


Your first mission is to assemble a bomb by hitting the three bomb scatter icons. These special icons will appear only during free spins and you must hit all three before your free spins run out. Each mission has a different set of icons.


You can monitor your progress any time by clicking the Game Map button at the top right. Good luck with your mission, agent.


Then, you’re thrown into a game with a backdrop full of computer codes and fingerprints. As you begin spinning the reels, you’ll notice animations triggered by wins. The camera photographs weapons of mass destruction, the martinis are shaken and poured into glasses, and a car chase is prompted when you land at least three Car symbols.


The Pistol icons will get you closer to completing your mission. Three of these scatter symbols trigger Free Spins Mode, at which point you get to take a crack at your first mission: the bomb assembly.


The three icons to watch for are the wires, detonator, and bundled dynamite. You need to land one of each during your 10 free spins to trigger the bonus round. If you fail, well, no sweat, you can try again next time. As mentioned, your progress is tracked in the Game Map button, so you can pick up where you left off next round of free spins.


We don’t want to go into too much detail about the bonus round, or the following missions because it is top secret after all. But we can say that the game is explosive – and not just in payouts.