Online casino tournaments have taken the gaming industry by storm. You no longer need to play online Blackjack or slots independently. Play casino games for real money with a group of like-minded people who are all vying for the same prizes. You may not be bumping elbows literally, since it’s all done virtually, but people love the comradery that comes from playing a certain game with others simultaneously.

If you’ve seen the page for our daily tournaments, but have yet to join, now is the time to test the waters. In this article, we provide a detailed explanation of how the tournaments work, so that you know what’s needed to win a prize at the end. We also provide a brief slots and table games guide in order to introduce you to the games that are currently available in “tournament mode.”


What are Online Tournaments?

An online tournament is a competition between casino players that has people collect points while playing a designated game during a prescribed timeframe. People could all be spinning the reels of A Night With Cleo, for example, and every time a payout is scored, points are awarded. It’s important to note that you keep all of the payouts triggered during a tournament; you simply earn points in addition to the collecting payouts for a chance to double dip. At the end of the tournament, the three players with the most points win a casino bonus.


How Online Tournaments Work

All of the daily tournaments are listed under Happening Now and Full Schedule for easy browsing. You’ll see the tournament date, start time and duration listed beside the easily-recognizable game cards. To the right, a drop-down menu contains the Tournament Details.

In Tournament Details, you’ll see the eligibility requirements and prizes for the competition. All online casino tournaments have eligibility requirements that must be met in order to win prizes. There is a minimum number of times the reels must be spun (or hands played) that coincides with a minimum amount of money wagered.

A common set of prizes for a slot tournament would be a $15 bonus for the first-place winner, a $10 bonus for the second-place winner and a $5 bonus for the third-place winner—although the amounts vary game-to-game. Playthrough requirements are typically a minimal 5X.

Once you find a tournament you’re interested in, hit the “JOIN” button. This will enable you to launch the game in “Tournament Mode” when the action begins. Tournament Mode tracks wins and assigns points based on the size of the wins. You’ll be able to see where you rank in the tournament in real time, but only the rankings at the very end are used to determine the winners.


How to Win Online Bonuses

In order to win a bonus, you must finish in the top-three rankings at the conclusion of the tournament. The rankings are all based on the number of points accumulated throughout the duration of the tournament, and the point system depends on the type of game you’re playing, as there’s a big difference between how casino slots are ranked vs. how table games are ranked.

Slots have a tiered ranking system because of the difference in payout size for wins. For instance, a big win needs to earn a player more points than a small win. The Terms & Conditions outline how the points are awarded for any game featured in our daily tournaments, but for an idea on what to expect, the charts are typically similar to the following:

Win Type Size Points
Win Under 10X 5 Points
Big Win 10X Bet 10 Points
Mega Win 20X Bet 25 Points

Win Type Size Points Win Under 10X 5 Points Big Win 10X Bet 10 Points Mega Win 20X Bet 25 Points

In addition to getting points for triggering payouts, you get a single point every time you hit “Spin.” Having lots of spins can prove to be quite useful, as tie breakers go to the player with more.

The point system for Blackjack is divided into three potential outcomes: Standard Win, Blackjack Win and Push.

Win Type Points
Win 5 Points
Black Jack 10 Points
Push 2 Points

Win Type Points Win 5 Points Blackjack 10 Points Push 2 Points

A “Blackjack Win” for 10 points involves landing an Ace and a 10-value card off the initial deal. The only time it’s not a win is if the dealer gets the same hand, in which case it’s a push. One point is awarded automatically when you meet the minimum hand requirement listed in the Tournament Details.


What Games are Available

Chances are one or two of your favorite games are already available on our daily Tournament Schedule. The following nine games are in the rotation as we go to press:


777 Deluxe

Watch holograms of cherries, oranges, lemons and sevens spin through space in this 5-reel, 10-line slot. This game includes a progressive jackpot that is accessibly only through the bonus round. In order to trigger the bonus round, you must land three scatters anywhere on the reels


A Night With Cleo

Cleopatra has the power to double any payout in this 5-reel, 20-line slot. Simply opt in to the Double-or-Nothing round after triggering a payout, and you get a 50/50 shot at doubling your money, but be aware that you do risk losing it if you choose wrong. This game also includes a random progressive jackpot that can be triggered at the end of any spin.


Fast & Sexy

Fast cars and a sexy race crew make this 5-reel, 20-line slot an unforgettable experience. The reels are screeching tires on the back of a super-charged race car. An expanding wild that doubles as a sticky wild appears on Reel No. 3. Win up to 300X your stake in the game’s high-octane bonus round.


Gold Rush Gus

The rush is on for the next big gold discovery when you play Gold Rush Gus in Tournament Mode. This game plays more like a video game than a traditional slot machine, with a main character who slams his pick-axe into the earth to reveal the game icons every time you hit “Spin.’’ Enjoy the perks that come from six bonus features, including a skill-based bonus round.


Bulletproof Babes

Take part in a tournament that features bulletproof babes spinning through the reels in search of evil forces. This Japanese-anime slot game includes a scatter symbol, wild icon, multiplier and free games session. Each free games session has you select one of four warrior babes, who each have their own power.



Find out how well your Blackjack skills compare to others. Single Deck, Double Deck and Six Deck Blackjack are all included in our daily tournaments.



Are you part of Team Banker or Team Player? Choose your allegiance when you take part in our daily Baccarat tournaments for a chance to win a bonus on top of your payouts.

While these games are selected based on their popularity, we can always add more to the mix. If there’s a game that you’d like to see featured in our daily tournaments, don’t hesitate to reach out via social media. We love to hear from our tournament players. Good luck in the competition and may the points rain down on you.