Ever since we started to take Bitcoin as an alternative deposit and withdrawal option, more and more regular players have become Bitcoin players for online casino betting purposes. Bitcoin offers an abundance of bonus cash and a level of transactional flexibility that just hasn’t been possible with traditional deposit methods.

If you’re on the fence about using Bitcoin, analyzing a list of pros and cons may be all you need to determine if it’s the right move for you. This online casino guide explains how to get started with Bitcoin before breaking down the advantages and disadvantages of going crypto. Spoiler Alert: The advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


How to Play Slots with Bitcoin

Online slots betting and Bitcoin go hand in hand. It’s no secret that Bitcoin players get the juiciest match bonuses out there, and those bonuses come with playthrough requirements before they can be withdrawn. The fastest way to play through them is with slots and specialty games, so if you plan on playing slots anyway, you might as well take the free cash and enjoy an even longer spin session than you originally decided upon.

The first steps to getting Bitcoin include setting up a digital wallet and creating an account on an exchange (see video instruction on how to do this). Once you complete these steps, you’ll have everything you need to buy Bitcoin virtually and deposit some BCT into your Slots account.

The crux to sending and receiving Bitcoin is the digital address code; your digital wallet has one and your Slots account has one. In order to generate it, you’ll need to follow the prompts for “Depositing with Bitcoin” in your Slots.lv account, and then copy and paste the address code into your digital wallet. Alternatively, if you’re withdrawing Bitcoin, you need to generate your digital wallet’s address code by hitting the “Receive/Request” button.


The Pros of Bitcoin Play Slots

The top reason people go crypto is for the bonus cash. We’ve touched upon the generous Bitcoin bonuses that provide a serious boost to your bankroll in the introduction, but to illustrate the difference between a Bitcoin bonus and a non-Bitcoin bonus, we’ll compare the two versions of our Double Up promotion. Normally, this bonus doubles your deposit with a 100% match bonus that’s good for up to $150 once a week. When you deposit with Bitcoin in the Crypto Double Up, however, the match bonus increases to 150% for up to $250 in bonus cash twice a week. Both versions have free spins on a specified slot, but with Bitcoin you get 50 instead of 30!

Another reason people switch to Bitcoin is for the speedy payouts. Before Bitcoin came along, the withdrawal options were limited to check by courier, which takes four to seven business days; bank wire, which takes five to 10 business days; and credit card, which also takes four to seven business days. Bitcoin demolishes these wait times; it takes just 15 minutes to receive your payment after your withdrawal is approved.

Deposits are also better with Bitcoin thanks to the flexibility that cryptocurrencies offer. Credit cards are notorious for failed deposits because of restrictions placed by the card issuers. No such restrictions are placed on Bitcoin; when you deposit Bitcoin, the funds are guaranteed to go through.


The Cons of Bitcoin Play Slots

The only con to using Bitcoin to play slots online is the initial start-up requirements. A bit of patience will be needed as you learn to navigate an exchange, and figure out how to generate address codes in your digital wallet. To make this process easier, we’ve added a Bitcoin section to our Video Library with simple instructional videos that show the step-by-step process of creating a wallet, an exchange account, buying Bitcoin, sending it to your wallet, and sending and receiving Bitcoin to your Slots account. For anyone new to crypto, there’s also a great Get Started with Bitcoin video that explains the basics.

One concern that people have with Bitcoin is the potential impact of market fluctuations on one’s bankroll. To ensure that you’ll never be penalized for a dip in value, we automatically convert Bitcoin to USD (CAD for Canadian players) when it reaches your Slots Casino account. This practice has a positive side effect for players who’ve started to capitalize on market increases by timing their withdrawals just right.

When you play online, Bitcoin casino betting is the optimal choice. Players who’ve made the leap to the world of crypto betting continue to use the digital currency for the perks awarded, and they haven’t looked back. Join the movement and see how liberating online casino betting can be.