Don’t you wish you could just hop on a plane and go on vacation at the drop of a hat? No coordinating things that need to be done during your absence, or even packing suitcases. While this dream may not be possible for all of us, there’s an alternative solution: spin your way to a tropical paradise through our online slots games.

This online slots guide is dedicated to those looking to visit a new destination for an adventure of your choosing. We’re showcasing four games that appeal to different types of travelers: the urbanite, the beach bum, the shopper and the adventurer. If this sounds like your kind of trip, then hop aboard and get ready for a quick escape.


Vacation Themes Slots to Play


Dirty Martini

With its classic imagery and colorful user interface, Dirty Martini will take you to the Vegas Strip with the first spin. This 5-reel, 20-line slot has the perfect combination of traditional appeal with modern technology. The game is fundamentally basic, but there’s nothing plain or old about it. Dirty Martini’s user interface is sleek and refreshingly unique.

The balance of clean simplicity and modern visuals is integral to the game’s success. Anyone who enjoys a stiff drink in a smoky bar while visiting a new city will be particularly excited about Dirty Martini because the central theme revolves around a lounge with a wide variety of beverages on the menu.

In addition to a captivating theme, Dirty Martini has valuable bonuses that can help you maximize your winnings. Land three or more scatter coins, and 15 games will be on the house. And as most of us know, the secret to a lofty payout is in the free spins. During the free game bonus, payouts on all lines are tripled, so be on the lookout for the coveted scatter coins.

The Martini symbols are also worth keeping an eye out for. Martini shakers serve as wilds and they also double the payout of any particular win. Those with an appreciation for the technical work that goes into online games will look forward to the charming animations that play whenever a Martini Shaker is revealed.

Another bonus that will keep things interesting is the ever-increasing progressive jackpot. The total jackpot accumulates until a lucky player activates it. Only those actively playing the Dirty Martini slot will be eligible to take home the prize, and the best part is, it can be triggered regardless of the amount played.


Crystal Waters

With a theme that revolves around a tropical paradise, an oasis awaits in Crystal Waters. Whether learning how to play slots online or looking to unwind and have some fun, Crystal Waters lets you enjoy the experience without having to think too much about what you’re doing—which is what some of us want on a vacation. The game serves as a pleasant distraction, without having to go through the learning curves required with new bonus rounds and proprietary game features.

With a basic user interface, Crystal Waters adds customized game symbols and the occasional soundbite to a traditional slot layout. You’ll get the typical selections to choose from, such as the number of lines to bet on and how much to bet on each. Other familiar features, like the random progressive jackpot, give players various opportunities to walk away with a payout big enough to take you to a real crystal water beach.

Other than the progressive jackpot, the best way to win big when playing this particular slot game is to land three Yacht symbols on any of the reels. Three yachts will trigger a series of 15 free spins that can really rack up winnings. It’s one thing to win on your own dime, but the net payout adds up quicker when doing so with house money. Even if you don’t land the coveted triple yacht Free Spin Feature, Crystal Waters lets you win the old-fashioned way.


Shopping Spree

Shopping in a new place with stores you’ve never been to before is such an exciting part of vacation, and thanks to our 5-reel slot, Shopping Spree, you can have the same thrill from the comfort of home. The game requires minimal thinking, so you can preserve the cognitive power for comparing products at your favorite boutiques./p>

You won't get lost in innovative animations or elaborate gimmicks with this game because it embraces an old school layout with its 2D graphics, which is nice because too many animations can detract from the satisfying experience of spinning the reels and contribute to slow response times. This is a subtle but crucial detail for any experienced online slots player looking for their next favorite game.

A couple of bonuses add to the overall Shopping Spree atmosphere, and the first is an enormous progressive jackpot. Trigger this by landing five Diamond icons on max bet, and you can go clear out your favorite store with the winnings you made at home playing online slots.

A couple of bonuses add to the overall Shopping Spree atmosphere, and the first is an enormous progressive jackpot. Trigger this by landing five Diamond icons on max bet, and you can go clear out your favorite store with the winnings you made at home playing online slots.

Above all else, Shopping Spree serves as a basic, easy-to-play game for bettors who want a fun experience. Though it has a shopping mall-theme, the core gameplay appeals to everyone because of the good balance of wins and bonuses.


Lion’s Lair

Is an “African Safari” on your travel bucket list? If so, Lion’s Lair can give you the thrill of seeing the king of the jungle from the comfort—and safety—of home, but you’re not just spectating in this game. Players are charged with the task of creeping into lions’ dens and sneaking out with riches. Don’t worry though – it’s not as hard as it sounds. Lions are heavy sleepers.

Since Lion’s Lair is a traditional online slot, the core gameplay will be familiar to anybody who has played slots online before. The colorful symbols, imagery and jungle theme are what make Lion’s Lair unique, attracting even the most seasoned slot players.

As players spin their way to success, they’ll notice that Lion symbols serve as wilds. You’ll learn to identify and embrace these because they help increase the frequency of wins over the course of the game.

Another symbol that can make or break a player’s experience is the “Lion’s Lair” symbol. Considering the name of the game, not to mention the mission you’ve been charged with, this is the symbol you’ll want to see most often. Three Lion’s Lair symbols in one spin will take players deep into the feline domicile where a series of 12 free games can turn a good game into a great one. While there are plenty of opportunities to win during regular play, this coveted stint of Free Spins is what fans of the Lion’s Lair slot hope for when they launch a session. Consider the Free Games session your chance to tiptoe into the lion’s den and stuff your pockets with all of the gems and jewels you can find.

Lion’s Lair is just one of our many exciting options designed to appeal to travel slots players. Where do you want your next vacation to take you? Should you pack light so as to fill your suitcases with designer products, or will a bikini and flip-flops suffice? A killer cocktail dress could also be your end game if you’re not looking to track giant predators in the savannah. Choose your own online slot games adventure and enjoy the sweet escape from the daily grind.