Mobile Slots Guide—Play Magical Games on the Go

Take your favorite slots and table games with you when out and about thanks to our mobile-friendly online casino. It’s kind of like an automatic slots app, but there are no downloads required. Instead of working like a traditional mobile casino app, our mobile casino can be reached through the browser on your smartphone. The quick access makes it possible to get in a few rounds of Blackjack, or a few spins of a slot, immediately when you find some unexpected idle time and decide that you want to play mobile now. That time adds up and eventually will lead you to mastering a number of new games with minimal effort. 

In this article, we’ll go over how to play mobile slots online in our casino and provide you with some fun game suggestions to get started. We’ll also cover the steps needed to deposit and withdraw funds through your smartphone. By the end, you may just switch over to mobile completely as its convenience exceeds that of our desktop platform.

How to Play Mobile Slots

Some people put off going mobile because they think that they’re going to have to download permanent apps on their phone, or sign up for new accounts. Even the best mobile casino app can’t compete with the convenience of simply opening your browser and typing in the same address that you’re used to visiting on your computer. Let our software do the work by detecting your mobile device and re-configuring for optimal mobile navigation. 

When you launch a game, you will have to rotate your phone to landscape in order to use the full screen. You’ll also notice that buttons are often tucked away in “hamburger” icons so as to minimally interfere with the game screen. Other than that, just follow the steps that you normally take when sitting down to play your favourite casino game—only this time, you’ll be using your smartphone instead of computer.  

Fun Slots to Play On Your Mobile App Now

777 Deluxe 

777 Deluxe takes the classic slot machine theme, including the iconic Seven, BAR and fruit symbols, and gives it a futuristic makeover. The icons are all holograms that spin through a celestial background, and there are mystery icons that to the intrigue. However, the game’s top feature is its bonus round that takes you to a special set of reels with just Sevens. Give them a spin, and the award you win depends on the color combination you land. Three Gold Sevens is the best result, as it triggers the game’s progressive jackpot. 

Golden Buffalo 

Not many slot games offer as many opportunities to trigger a payout as Golden Buffalo. This game’s six reels and zero paylines means there are 4,096 different ways to land a payout just through lining up matches. On top of that, there are stacked wilds, a free spins mode with up to 100 rounds possible and lots of multipliers. A maximum of 3125X can be applied to your winnings at the conclusion of your free spins session.

Chillin’ Penguins 

The coolest penguins on the planet can be found chillin’ in the icy waters of this quirky 5-reel, 10-line slot. Spin the reels and watch them float to the surface of the water with their sunglasses and chilled beverages in hand. If you happen to spot the same penguin character repeating on the first and fifth reel, you have activated the game’s Freezin’ Penguins bonus feature that sends the central reels in a potentially lucrative re-spin cycle as you try to add more of the same penguin to the paylines.

Gold Rush Gus 

For a slot that has a video game vibe, you must try playing Gold Rush Gus. Every time you spin the reels, Gus, the prospector, will slam his pick ax into the earth to reveal the game icons. Be on the lookout for a helpful mole; if one burrows to the surface and pushes up a treasure chest, you get to keep the reward held within. It could be a bonus game, instant win, or progressive jackpot. It’s always a surprise when you’re prospecting.

Cyberpunk City 

Get a glimpse of the future in Tokyo with Cyberpunk City. The characters in this slot are either 100% robot, 100% human, or a fusion between the two. A wild is included that is also a multiplier, offering triple the payouts when it helps create a winning combination. You’ll also get triple the payouts in the game’s free spins mode, which is initiated by landing scatters on the first and last reel. 

Online Blackjack was Made for Mobile

Scroll through the Blackjack section of our casino, and you’ll find eight options available: two versions of six-deck, single-deck and double-deck, one version of European Blackjack, one version of Perfect Pairs and one version of Zappit Blackjack. For the aforementioned standard Blackjack games, there’s a “Classic” and a “Modern” version of each game, and it’s the modern versions that are best suited for mobile play.

These modern versions were designed to be scaled down for smaller screens. Buttons appear and disappear as needed in order to facilitate an experience ideal for the mobile casino online. The background is simply a block of color (of your choosing), so as not to distract with unnecessary visual stimuli. It all adds up for a perfect mobile version of Blackjack for when you’re on the go.

Deposit and Withdraw on Mobile

Even deposits and withdrawals are easy on mobile. After logging in to your account, click your profile icon and the same “Deposit” and “Withdraw” buttons that you’re used to seeing will appear. Deposit methods include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and credit card, and you can either select one of the “Quick Select” deposit amounts, or key in your own deposit amount. Withdrawals can be requested by couriered check, bank wire, credit card and Bitcoin, and for our Canadian customers, direct bank transfers are possible too. Give our mobile casino a shot and see why the majority of our players have already switched over.