Jam-packed with fun features, slots are the most popular games on casino floors. The progressive jackpots, fun storylines, and memorable characters are enough to entertain us for hours. But perhaps one of the most overlooked qualities is how easy slots are to play. The simple spin-to-win formula just can’t be beat. It enables you to play a quick session without having to learn rules, or research strategy beforehand. Just hop on and play some rounds, and then hop off when it’s time to go.

This simple format is ideal for mobile casino gaming. Optimized for iPhones, Androids and tablets, both iPads and other types, mobile slots are a real game changer in the online casino realm. With this technology, you can access mobile slots to play anywhere you happen to be, as long as you have an internet connection. This guide will explain everything needed to start taking the fun with you when you head out the door.

Why Play Slots on Mobile? 

Out of all of our casino games, slots are the most popular with our mobile players. They continue to get the most mobile action day in and day out. These are just a few reasons players hit spin on mobile slots:

  ✓ Slots can be played at the drop of a hat, anywhere, anytime.

  ✓ Mobile slots offer the same high quality graphics and engaging themes as desktop.

  ✓ The games are adapted to fit mobile play, including the bonus rounds and other features.

The speed and efficiency of slots is the main reason people turn to them while on the go. Even a lineup at a grocery store is sufficient time to get in a fun slot session. Unlike with most table games, which require several rounds to build up a win streak, slots can trigger a monumental payout, even a progressive jackpot worth hundreds of thousands, at the conclusion of a single spin. 

You may have noticed that the graphic quality of slots has been steadily improving over the years. Current slot games have lifelike characters that accompany you at the reels. To make them even more lifelike, you can opt for “High” graphic quality in the settings; this is recommended when you are connected to WiFi. Alternatively, if your data is limited, you can turn the Graphic Quality to “Medium” or “Low.” 

Slots are famous for their engaging mini games that take you to a second screen to complete a challenge in exchange for coins. Often involving “Pick and Collect” type challenges, these games are easy to navigate on your phone and add a little excitement to whatever task you’re completing in the real world.

Top Slots to Play on Mobile 

If you’re looking for a starting point for your first mobile slot experience, consider the following 5 games.

777 Deluxe for the Jackpot

A fun slot that’s well suited for mobile is the 5-reel game, 777 Deluxe. This game has a progressive jackpot that is accessible only through the bonus game. You’ll need to land three Scatters to make it to a special set of reels that are full of Lucky Sevens. Each color combination of Sevens offers a unique payout, with the Three Gold Sevens unlocking the jackpot.

A Night with Cleo for the Graphics

One slot with exceptional graphics is the popular 5-reel game, A Night with Cleo. As the game loads, a scantily-clad Cleopatra will be lounging on a day bed, giving you a taste of what to expect in the game. Things get even more scintillating when you launch the game’s Gamble feature for a chance to double your payout. You may not want to play this one on the bus though…

Dragon’s Siege for the Bonus Round

In Dragon’s Siege, a fire-breathing dragon attempts to invade a castle as a knight aims to defend it at all cost. This game has a fun bonus round included that doesn’t require a big screen to enjoy. Pick one of five characters to join the epic battle and see how well your selection pays out at the end.

Jungle Jam for the Theme

You don’t need a big desktop screen to appreciate the humour in Jungle Jam. This mobile-optimized slot takes you into a jungle to see a once-in-a-lifetime rock concert put on by a gorilla. His adoring bumble bee fan sends hearts his way as he rocks out under the stage lights. Free Spins get wild in this game, so keep an eye out for the “Bonus” icons needed to trigger them.

Robin Hood for the Storyline

The battle between the heroic outlaw, Robin Hood and wicked villain, the Sheriff of Nottingham is the inspiration behind this lively slot game. Watch Robin Hood dodge the Sheriff as he attempts to reunite with Maid Marian in one of two bonus rounds. The other bonus round has you don the green cap and shoot arrows at a target in exchange for payouts. 

Get Started Playing Mobile Slots

With no apps to download, getting started with mobile slots is easy! Simply type Slots.lv into your phone’s web browser, and our site will do the work. The mobile site looks almost identical to our desktop website, but it uses Hamburger icons to conceal side menus. 

One thing to keep in mind when going mobile is that when you launch mobile slots online, you will need to rotate your phone to “Landscape” for maximum screen space. Once the session begins, the game’s menu and settings will be accessible by swiping left or right on the game screen, or will be hidden in Hamburger icons in the corner. 

Give yourself some extra time to learn how to navigate the small screen before diving into a session—we guarantee it will be worth it when you play on mobile!