It’s official: Mobile has become the preferred way to play casino games online. This new way of gaming allows people to access their favourite casino games in the blink of an eye—especially when you play at Casino. As you’ll learn in this guide, accessing our mobile casino is as simple as launching your smartphone’s web browser and punching in the standard web address. There’s no app to download, so you can play the same way you’ve always played—but with the convenience of our mobile platform. 

To help facilitate the transition from computer to mobile, we’ve compiled this mobile casino FAQ guide, which answers all of the questions that typically come from people interested in making the leap to mobile play. We’ll explain how to get started with our mobile casino, go over the many online casino games that are available on the mobile platform, and make sure that you know how simple the deposit and withdrawal methods are when done on your smartphone or tablet. Once you get comfortable playing on mobile, you’ll wonder why you didn’t take the plunge earlier.


Mobile Casino Games on the Go

The biggest benefit that comes from switching over from computer play to mobile play is being able to access your favorite games while on the go. No matter how busy life gets, there will always be moments when you’ve got a few minutes to fill, and those are the ideal times to play some slots or

There’s no way around it: to become a seasoned casino gamer, you need to practice. Blackjack strategy, for example, involves memorizing a chart to the point where the prescribed moves become second-nature, and playing mobile Blackjack makes it that much easier to squeeze in your practice time. All of our mobile casino games are available in both Practice Play mode and Real Play (for real money payouts).


How do I Play on Mobile?

As mentioned,’s mobile casino doesn’t require any downloads. The site recognizes when it’s being accessed via smartphone, and scales down automatically. That’s why you’ll notice that the mobile version of the site has all of the same features as the desktop version, but is displayed in a compressed form. 

The main page to our mobile casino has links for all of our games, including slots, table games, Live Dealer games, video poker, specialty games and casino tournaments. In the upper-right corner, you’ll see a “hamburger” icon (three stacked horizontal lines) that you can tap to populate all of these links and more. When you tap it, you’ll get quick access to the following pages: 

  • Casino Promotions
  • Bitcoin Specials
  • Referral Program
  • Rewards Programs
  • Banking Articles
  • Help Pages

The most efficient way to find your favorite casino game on a small screen like your smartphone is to use the filters provided and then follow the alphabetical listing of games. Once you find your game, you’ll need to rotate your phone to landscape mode in order to launch it. iPhone users should make sure that their phone isn’t in Screen Rotation Lock because this prevents the display from doing the necessary rotation. If it is, the settings can be found in your phone’s control center.


Which Online Casino Games Can I Play?

The vast majority of our casino games can be played on both desktop and mobile, although some games are better suited for small screens than others. For example, nine of the table games in our casino come in both a “Classic” version and a new mobile-optimized one, which can be identified by the signature blue background. The mobile-optimized games have responsive screens that bring forth game buttons and icons on an “as-needed” basis; this way, the display can be scaled down without diminishing the size of the buttons. A perfect example can be seen with our roulette games. The mobile-friendly roulette games have two game screens: one with a betting layout and another with the wheel. When you play the Classic Roulette game instead of the mobile-optimized one, both the wheel and table are squeezed into the same game screen, making it hard to tap the various buttons needed to place bets.

When you start playing mobile casino games, you’ll notice certain games that aren’t available on the desktop version of our casino. That’s because a select few games are mobile-exclusive, so you can access them only through smartphone or tablet. The following three slots are part of our mobile-exclusive roster:

Jackpot Piñatas: The piñatas in this 5-reel, 20-line slot contain far greater goodies than candy: you can win thousands of dollars if you land the correct combination of matching game icons, or spin the reels just as the progressive jackpot is giving out. To help you land payouts, the game offers a special Piñata Feature where you get to choose one of three piñatas for prizes.

Honey to the Bee: Honey bees are front-and-center in this lighthearted 5-reel, 20-line mobile-exclusive slot game. A special combination of Hive and Worker Bee icons unlock the game’s free spins mode, which awards 15 free games with a 2X multiplier on all wins. Not only does the Worker Bee trigger free spins, he also acts as a wild, substituting for other icons in order to generate more winning paylines for you. A random progressive jackpot can be triggered at the end of any real money spin.


Mobile Casino FAQ

What happens if I get a call or text while playing a casino game on my phone?

Your game will be paused during your call and will resume once you hang up. During a text message, however, the game continues.


What happens if I lose my connection while playing a casino game on my phone?

All wins are registered with your account as soon as they happen, so if you lose your connection right after triggering a win, you’ll find your payout added to your account once you log back in. 


Do I need a certain type of smartphone in order to play in the mobile casino?

Our mobile casino accommodates both iOS phones and Android. There is no specific system update needed to access the casino. 


Are the casino tournaments available for smartphone users?

Yes, our casino tournaments can be accessed through your smartphone and/or tablet.


How much data do mobile casino games use?

The exact amount of data a game uses depends on your mobile carrier. That being said, our Live Dealer casino games use the most data, and video slots with introductory clips use more than games with no cinematic graphics. When you’re connected to WiFi, the games don’t use any data from your plan.


Can Live Dealer Casino games be played on mobile?

Live Dealer casino games can be played on mobile, but work best with a WiFi connection.


How to Deposit/Withdraw for Mobile (Using Bitcoin)

Withdrawals and deposits can be made using your mobile once logged into your account the same way you would from a computer. If you’re planning on using Bitcoin to fund your account, it’s best to download a digital wallet app to your mobile for quick access. Other than that, just continue playing the way you always have and let the benefits of mobile gaming make your life easier.