The first time you bet with Bitcoin (BTC), it feels like you’re crossing over to the red carpet. Wait times are reduced, your deposits are guaranteed, and the amount of bonus cash thrown your way exceeds expectations. While the perks that come from Bitcoin gambling have been enticing for a while now, thanks to our slots Bitcoin promotions, a lot of people resist making the change because they think that Bitcoin is exclusively for the tech savvy.

This slots Bitcoin guide is here to show you that anyone with a smartphone can indulge in BTC gambling. We’ll take you through the set-up process, so that you’re equipped with the tools needed to deposit and withdraw using cryptocurrencies. Time to learn how to start gambling with bitcoin!


How to Set Up an Account to Buy Bitcoin

The easiest way to join the Bitcoin revolution is to buy Bitcoin using a “fiat” currency like US dollars and/or Canadian dollars. Downloading a Bitcoin exchange that doubles as a personal wallet hits two birds with one stone, and can come in the form of an app downloaded onto your phone. Examples of Bitcoin wallets in the US used for slots games include Blockchain and Coinbase. Be prepared to go through an identification process for the exchange, as your identity needs to be confirmed before you can make trades. Since the price of a single Bitcoin is in the thousands, you’ll likely be dealing in millibitcoin (mBTC) for gambling purposes.


How to Buy Bitcoin and Play Online

The exchange is where the buying and selling happens. All you need to do is hit the “Buy” button and follow the prompts to purchase any cryptocurrency you want in a few quick clicks. Upon purchase, you’ll want to direct the funds to your digital wallet using its address. For a visual on how to buy bitcoin and play online slots games see our Video Library.


How to Play Online Slots with Bitcoin

With Bitcoin loaded in your digital wallet, you’re free to use it for deposits at Slots Casino. You’ll need the address for your Slots account; retrieve that by following the prompts to Deposit with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Be sure to select the appropriate option for your cryptocurrency of choice.


How to Withdraw with Bitcoin

With just a 15 minute-wait time after your withdrawal is approved, Bitcoin is by far the fastest way to withdraw your bankroll at Slots Casino. As you follow the prompts to withdraw, you’ll be asked for your digital address; to find this, simply hit the “Request/Receive” button in your crypto wallet, and an address code will be generated. Once it’s in your wallet, you can either convert your Bitcoin to a fiat currency in the exchange, or for the adventurous, hunt down a near-by list of Bitcoin cashing machines, which are like ATMs for cryptocurrencies.