A little seduction on the reels has been a big hit with slot players. Since releasing A Night With Cleo last November, the game has seen more action than any other online slot. And is it any wonder why? With a chance to get up close and personal with Egypt’s most tantalizing pharaoh, this game offers more than just cash payouts.


So exactly how far can you get with the queen? Every time you win a payout on the reels, you have the option of playing a round of double or nothing, giving you the opportunity to double your winnings. But A Night With Cleo eroticizes the double or nothing round with a strip tease by the woman who seduced Julius Caesar.


Hitting the “Double or Nothing” button takes you to Cleo’s glowing pool, where she’s waiting to take a midnight dip. In each of her hands are lotus flowers. Pick one and see what happens. If the screen exits, and you return to the reels – tough luck. If, however, the flower unravels, revealing a pile of gold coins, congratulations, you won. Your payout is doubled. As extra reward, Cleopatra strips away one layer of her outfit.


Do you feel lucky enough to take things further? You can either click the “Collect” button to wrap things up, or pick another flower. Cleopatra will continue to reveal herself by removing one garment with every accurate guess until the fifth round – when she’s got nothing left to remove.


The best part of A Night With Cleo’s tempting feature is how accessible it is. You can try your luck with the pharaoh every time you land a winning line on the reels. There’s no waiting until you trigger a bonus round, or crossing your fingers for rare icons to line up. Any old win will do. Simply click the “Double Up” button at the bottom-right of the screen and you’ll get a chance to meet Cleo. But of course, once you get there, you’re going to have to impress her with your powers of prediction. Best of luck – she’s as brilliant as she is beautiful.