Variety is the spice of life, and it’s also one of the greatest things about playing Bingo online at You’re not stuck there in the bingo hall with your dauber and the same old cards. There are so many different ways to play Bingo at, from the classic American and European formats to the popular 30-Ball and 80-Ball variants. Now it’s time to introduce the two newest members of the Bingo family: Bingo Cataratas and Go-Go Bingo. You’ll find these games under the Specialty menu at the top left of the home page.


Bingo Cataratas


It’s time to get out of that bingo hall and head for the beautiful waterfalls of the Amazon rainforest. Bingo Cataratas is a 31-ball game with two special features. With the “Extra Ball” option, if you’re short one number of completing a line, you can buy an extra ball and try to complete your pattern. You can keep buying up to 12 times as long as you’re missing one number; even if they don’t complete a line, the extra balls will be marked off on your bingo cards, giving you more opportunities to win.

The second special feature with Bingo Cataratas is the bonus round, where you get to spin a wheel of fortune. If you buy an extra ball and it completes a perfect square in the center of your 5-by-3 card, Safari Joe and his pet toucan will join you for a spin. The wheel has 10 slots, each with a denomination from five coins up to 500. Every spin is a winner!


Go-Go Bingo


The modern layouts on table games like The New Blackjack have been a smash hit, so is giving you the same experience with Go-Go Bingo. You draw 30 balls in this game, and just like Bingo Cataratas, you have the option of buying an extra ball anytime you’re missing just one number to make a bingo. But with Go-Go Bingo, you have 12 different winning patterns on your 5-by-3 card instead of 10, and not only can you buy up to nine extra balls, sometimes you’ll get them for free.

There are other extra features with both Bingo Cataratas and Go-Go Bingo, like being able to change your randomly-generated cards anytime before the draw. Give these new games a spin for free using the Practice Play mode at and see what all the fuss is about – you’ll never look at Bingo the same way again.