In most buildings throughout the US, you won’t find a 13th floor included—and that’s no mistake. The number 13 is considered unlucky enough to be worth the skip. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the number 7, which is considered good luck in most parts of the world – and definitely one you won’t want to skip! That’s why 7 is included in so many casino games, including slot games found right here at Many people are happy to play 777 Deluxe simply because of the 7 in the title.

In this guide, we explain why the number 7 is considered to be good luck, and we’ll also provide you with suggestions for number 7-inspired real money slots to test the luck of seven and see if it gets you into our Big Winners circle. 

What's so Lucky About Number 7? 

The significance of seven goes beyond casino gaming and can be observed in many world religions. In Christianity, for example, the seventh day (Sunday) is designated as the day of rest, followed by six days that were dedicated to creating the world. Elsewhere in the bible, seven appears as the number of cardinal sins (the seven deadly sins) and the seven heavenly virtues. Seven also appears in Judaism and Islam, representing the number of heavens, or the divisions of the heavens. 

With a long-established history in religion, seven eventually became the most popular lucky number for people all around the world and is commonly used in literature and pop culture. Ian Flemming’s James Bond character is a good example: he uses the agent code 007. Now that you’re aware of how meaningful the number 7 is in culture, you’ll likely begin to notice it in games, stories and elsewhere.   

Explore the Number 7 with these Slot Games 

The number 7 has been connected with casino games since sevens were added to slot machines a little while after the initial launch of the very first slots. Sevens are now considered classic icons, along with BAR symbols, Cherries, Diamonds and Fruit, and are included in the following four games. 

777 Deluxe 

One of our most popular jackpot slots, 777 Deluxe has all of the classic slot icons, including the lucky 7, spinning through its five reels. Out of all nine icons, the Seven symbols award the biggest payouts, paying 1000X for a full line of five, 100X for four matches, and 50X for the minimum three matches. 

Sevens make another appearance in the game’s bonus round, which is triggered by landing at least three Bonus icons. A second screen with a new set of reels will appear, and it contains only sevens. You get to spin the reels several times and collect payouts based on the color combinations of the Sevens you land. The best result possible is three Gold Sevens; these trigger the game’s progressive jackpot.

Surprising 7

Another seven-focused slot game, Surprising 7 has the retro look of the classic slot machines, with its 2D graphics, but it has the same bonus features offered in the more modern slots online. Free spins, wilds, multipliers and a bonus round are all on the menu in this 5-reel, 25-line game, which pays top dollar for landing Sevens. The bonus round looks even more similar to a classic slot machine, with just three reels, one payline and a big lever. Five rounds on the one-armed bandit provide ample opportunity to hit some of the game’s biggest payouts.  

Ten Times Wins

Despite the number 10 playing the main role in Ten Times Wins, lucky number 7 is also included on the reels. You’ll find it colored red, green and blue; the color combination dictates the size of the payout, which can be up to 40X based on a one-coin bet. Most frequently, you’ll land mixed colors on the three paylines for a small payout. If you get all three sevens of a single color, the payout increases exponentially, with three Red Sevens paying the most. To generate more wins, a 10X symbol is included as a wild that also applies a 10X multiplier to payouts.   

Instant Inferno

Heat things up by spinning the reels of Instant Inferno. This 5-reel, 30-line slot has fiery versions of all the classic slot icons, including BAR icons, Bells, Cherries and Sevens. Payouts for the Sevens depend on whether you’re landing single Sevens (up to 400X), double Sevens (up to 1000X), or triple Sevens (up to 2000X). There are also payouts for landing any combination of Sevens.

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