Online Video Poker Variations

Anyone who’s played Texas Hold’em will appreciate online video poker. A digital form of draw poker, these poker slots originated in 1979 when Si Redd, a game distributor for Bally’s, produced the first successful one after Poker-Matic failed to catch on in the early ‘70s. Redd’s version took off when he improved the minimum hand requirement from two pairs to a pair of Jacks—also known as Jacks or Better.


Jacks or Better is still a very popular video poker game that can be played right here at Casino. In addition to Jacks or Better, you can play video poker with wild cards and bonus payouts, and all variations are available in for free in Practice Play or for real money. In this guide, we’ll go over all the different video poker games available at Casino, with a focus on Jacks or Better, Bonus Deuces Wild, Bonus Double Poker and Joker Poker. By the end, you’ll be ready to play our most popular online video poker variations with no problem.








Online Video Poker Overview

Our video poker games can be classified in three ways: Bonus Video Poker, Wild Card Video Poker and Classic Video Poker. The Classic variant, Jacks or Better, uses standard poker hands, and requires a pair of Jacks as a bare minimum to win. Winning hands include two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush and royal flush. There are no wild cards included in the game. And each game require a specific video poker strategy.


Bonus Video Poker has the same standard winning hands as Jacks or Better and sometimes even more. They offer bonus payouts for certain top-tier hands. For example, Bonus Poker Deluxe has a 400-coin payout for four of a kind (Jacks or Better pays 125 coins for the same hand). In order to be able to offer such extravagant bonus payouts, these games offer lower payouts for one of the lower-ranked hands. Bonus Poker Deluxe pays 5 coins for two pair instead of the 10-coin payout offered in Jacks or Better.


Wild Card Video Poker is just as it sounds. The games include a wild card (such as a Deuces or Joker) that can substitute for all the other cards in the deck. Our wild card games include Joker Poker, Deuces Wild and Loose Deuces.








Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is the video poker game that started them all. With nine winning hands that range from a pair of Jacks to a royal flush, you can win anywhere between 5 and 4,000 coins when betting max and with a good strategy. Try to double wins through our version’s Double or Nothing round. There are four variations of Jacks or Better: 1 hand, 3 hands, 10 hands and 52 hands. When you play the multi-hand versions, the cards you draw for your final hands appear in all 3, 10, or 52 hands, so choose wisely. When played optimally, Jacks or Better comes with a 0.46% house edge.








Hand Payout
Royal Flush 4000
Straight Flush 250
4 of a Kind 125
Full House 45
Flush 30
Straight 20
3 of a Kind 15
2 Pairs 10
Jacks or Better 5



Bonus Deuces Wild

Many video poker players like to play the wild card games because wild cards boost your odds of landing winning hands. In Bonus Deuces Wild, Twos are the wild card, so they stand in for any other card. A three of a kind is needed as a minimum to win any of the game’s 13 payouts. There are bonus payouts for five of a kind hands and four Deuces. This game comes with a 0.55% house edge when played with a strategy.








Bonus Deuces Wild Hand Payout
Royal Flush 4000
4 Deuces w/ Ace 2000
4 Deuces 1000
Wild Royal 125
5 Aces 400
5 3-5 200
5 6-King 100
Straight Flush 45
4 of a Kind 20
Full House 20
Flush 15
Straight 5
3 of a Kind 5



Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker is similar to Jacks or Better, as it also requires a pair of Jacks as a minimum hand to win, but Double Bonus Poker divides the four of a kind hands into four distinct hands in order to provide bigger payouts than the 125-coin standard (based on a five-coin wager). This game comes with a 0.64% house edge when played with a strategy.








Hand Payout
Royal Flush 4000
Straight Flush 250
Four Aces 800
Four 2-4 400
Four 2-King 225
Full House 50
Flush 35
Straight 25
3 of a Kind 15
2 Pairs 5
Jacks or Better 5



Joker Poker

Another wild card video poker game in our Casino, Joker Poker has a lower minimum hand requirement for payouts than other wild card games; a pair of Kings is all that’s needed to win. The game has 12 winning hands in total:








Hand Payout
Sequential Royal 20000
Royal Flush 4000
5 of a Kind 750
Royal Flush w/ Joker 400
Straight Flush 250
4 of a Kind 100
Full House 30
Flush 25
Straight 15
3 of a Kind 10
2 Pair 5
Pair (Kings or Higher) 5



As you can see on the paytable, Joker Poker is the only video poker game in our casino to offer the Sequential Royal jackpot—a monster 20000-coin payout awarded for landing 10-Jack-Queen-King-Ace suited, in that order, on a 5-coin bet. As for the Royal Flush, there are two payouts: a 4000-coin one for a Royal Flush that doesn’t include a Joker, and a 400-coin payout for a Royal Flush that does include a Joker.


With such a wide variety of online video poker games available at your fingertips, you can certainly find a game that suits your preferences in our casino. Start with Jacks or Better to get a solid video poker strategy, then try a wild card game and a bonus one to see if you prefer a twist. All of our video poker games can be played for free using Practice Play mode, and for real money payouts using Real Play mode. Best of luck on your video poker session.