With generous bonus features, such as free spins, slot games provide players with a chance to hit it big. Game selection is one of the main ways to play casino slots strategically, so if you’re looking to stretch out your casino dollars, don’t just pick the first game you see. Compare, compare, compare. In this online slots guide, we’ve gone ahead and done some of the legwork for you by searching through our games for the slots that offer a generous free spins mode, and we’ve come up with six contenders. Before we get to them, though, we’re going to explain what free spins are and how to activate them.


What Are Free Spins?

Free spins are a bonus feature that lets you spin the reels of a slot game the same way you would normally, but completely free of charge. You get to keep any and all payouts won during free spins.


How to Activate Free Spins in Online Casino Slots

For most slots, free spins are activated when three or more scatters land anywhere on the reels. A scatter is a special icon that doesn’t follow the rules of the game; they don’t need to line up on paylines in order to trigger their bonus feature, which could be free spins, or an instant cash win. We’ll focus on the former.

There are two ways that games give out free spins. The first is to offer three different amounts of free spins depending on how many scatters you land, like five free spins for three scatters, 10 free spins for four scatters, etc. Alternatively, a game can offer one set amount regardless of how many scatters you land. We have example of both types of free spin bonuses in our Top Six Slot Games with Free Spins list.


Top Six Slot Games with Free Spins



Fast & Sexy gives out the same number of free spins regardless of how many scatters you land, as long as you get a minimum of three. The free spins session comprises 10 free spins and a 2X multiplier, so all of the payouts triggered during the free spins mode are double what’s listed on the paytable. The feature can be re-triggered.

Another way to land a free spin in Fast & Sexy is through the expanding wild. Exclusive to the third reel, the wild symbol will expand up and down the entire reel and when it sticks, it causes a re-spin free of charge.



To see just how far slot graphics have come, try spinning the reels of Mystic Wolf. This 5-reel, 50-line slot’s 3D graphics depict a pack of wolves running through a forest under moon light. In addition to life-like graphics, the game includes a nice combination of bonus features including a bonus round and free spins.

The number of free spins you get depends on the number of scatters you land. This game awards seven free spins for landing three Feather scatters, 15 free spins for four Feather scatters and 50 free spins for five Feather scatters. During free spins mode, which is called the Mystic Wolf Super Round, wins that include a wild get the bonus of a 10X multiplier, which is double what you get during Normal Play.

Another perk to the free spins session is connected to the Random Win Jackpot. During Normal Play, at any time, you could be given a cash reward should the Random Win Jackpot appear; it’s a great boost that comes when it’s least expected. During free spins mode, the Random Win Jackpot gets supercharged, showing up more frequently and awarding greater cash prizes.



The name of this slot is no joke; you will get scary rich if you trigger the top-tier free spins mode. You’re looking at 666 free spins for getting five free spin scatters anywhere on the reels. You’ll get 66 free spins for landing four scatters and six free spins for landing three. And these aren’t your typical free spins either; they’re High-Powered Free Spins. Rain will begin to pour, thunder and lightning will shake and light up the reels, and a coffin emerges from the ground to keep track of your payouts. The Werewolf wild becomes an expanding wild for the duration of the free spins mode.



Indiana Jane and the Golden Tombs of Katun taps into the thrill of treasure hunting. From the moment you start spinning, you’ll find yourself getting swept up in the thrill of the excavation as you spin through maps, dusters, shovels, tombs and more.

Although bettors will get the opportunity to boost their bankroll with regular reel play, the game’s biggest thrills (and payouts) stem from the coveted bonus features. The bonus round is unique in that it is intertwined with a free spins session. Land three or more scatters and you’ll make the first of several decisions: choose one of three doors to reveal how many “picks” you’ll get to make once you enter the tomb. Inside the tomb, spheres with unique colors and carvings rotate around a statue. Based on the number of picks you were awarded in the prior level, you get to pick and choose spheres until you’ve reached your maximum. Each sphere has its own unique number of free spins included; your award is the cumulative number of free spins that come from each of your picks plus an additional three.



The anticipated sequel to the comic book inspired Zombies vs. Cheerleaders I is live and ready for new challengers. Much like its predecessor, this one pits a horde of the undead against cute cheerleaders.

Zombies Gone Wild Free Spins Feature is one of two options that appear when you land three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Should you pick it over option No. 2 (the Cheerleader Escape Feature), the game’s paylines become two-way paylines, which means they pay when matching icons land left-to-right on adjacent reels and right-to-left. On top of that, any cheerleaders who land adjacent to a wild icon get infected and become wild themselves, which is quite convenient considering there is a special Wild Paytable that comes into play during free spins mode. Here’s what you can win when you land multiple wilds on a one-coin wager:

  • 5 Wilds: 1000 coins
  • 4 Wilds: 500 coins
  • 3 Wilds: 50 coins

Should you land three or more scatters while spinning for free, an extra five spins are added to your count.



In Spy Game, you’re a spy for the Super Spy Agency and you’ve been instructed to neutralize a secret factory producing weapons of mass destruction. The first mission is to assemble a bomb by hitting the three bomb scatter icons, but there’s a catch. These special icons appear only during free spins mode, and you must hit all three before your free spins run out.

To trigger free spins mode, keep an eye out for the Pistol icons. Three of these scatter symbols trigger 10 free spins with a 4X multiplier, at which point you get to take a crack at your first mission: the bomb assembly. The three icons to watch for during free spins are the wires, detonator, and bundled dynamite. You need to land one of each during your 10 free spins to trigger the bonus round. If you fail, well, no sweat, you can try again next time. Your progress is tracked in the Game Map button, so you can pick up where you left off next round of free spins.

Free spins are a great feature to focus on when you’re figuring out the optimal approach for how to win at online slots, and we have many more games that include them. Browse through our selection and see if you can find more examples of plentiful free spins accompanied by juicy multipliers at Slots Casino.