In the world of online slots, free spins are a golden egg. With no money down, you get to benefit from a steady stream of payouts that are often boosted by multipliers. Everything you win during a free spins session gets added to your bankroll at the end of the bonus round, giving you a nice cushion to fall back on when you return to normal play. For many games, the feature has the potential to be re-triggered, which can lead to a cycle of wealth and unlimited fun.

And the fun doesn’t just come from pocketing payouts! For the duration of a free spin session, the game’s visuals are enhanced, as the game takes on an interesting twist. This session is typically an extension of the theme and storyline, which evolves as you play for free. New characters may emerge, the setting may shift, or better bonus features could be added to the reels just while the free spins are happening. Every game has a unique approach to designing the perfect free spins session, making all of our free spin slots fun to explore and play!


For most slots, free spins are activated when three or more scatters land anywhere on the reels. A scatter is a special icon that doesn’t follow the rules of the game; they don’t need to line up on paylines in order to trigger their bonus feature, which could be free spins, or an instant cash win.

To get you started on your own free spins journey, we’re offering a list of games that have the best free spin rounds, starting with Golden Buffalo. 



Golden Buffalo takes you to the unforgiving deserts of southwestern USA. The reels are set up in a makeshift canopy tent, with a campfire warming baked beans that you can almost smell. Unlike most slots online, this game has six reels and four rows, creating 4,096 unique ways to win with every spin. Those extra reels also mean there’s more free spin potential because it enables you to land six free spin bonus icons, which lead to a whopping 100 free spins.

Throughout the game’s free spins feature, the wilds are multipliers. As the name suggests, multipliers multiply the standard payout by a specific amount. You’ll see 2X, 3X or 5X on the wild icon, meaning they will double, triple or quintuple the payout that they contribute to. If there’s more than one wild, the multipliers are multiplied together for an even bigger boost—up to maximum of 3,125X. Keep an eye out for more free spin icons on the reels because simply landing two or more will add more to your tally.


Under a star-lit sky with a fantastic display of aurora borealis, you’ll find five reels and three rows of mystical game symbols in Mystic Elements. Earth, air, water and fire—the four base elements of nature—are all present, promising payouts if you line up matches on the game’s 10 multi-directional paylines. This game has a progressive jackpot with a unique prerequisite; you must reach the game’s free spins session to access it. In order to trigger free spins, a minimum of three free spins symbols must land anywhere on the reels. 10, 15 or 20 spins are awarded for landing three, four or five symbols respectively. All payouts triggered during free spins offer triple the payouts thanks to a generous 3X multiplier. The best part is free spins can be re-triggered up to a maximum of 150 (that’s huge!).

A new mysterious symbol is exclusive to the free spins round: the Light Symbol. This has its own unique paytable that includes the slot’s progressive jackpot. To win it, you must land five Light symbols on a payline while playing on max bet during free spins. It’s worth a try when the pot is big.


What better way to play online slots than in the company of a sleepy panda bear? This 5-reel slot will take you deep into a bamboo forest in China in pursuit of both pandas and payouts. It’s the sequel of our incredibly popular slot Panda Pursuit, which takes place near temples perched on a mountainside. 

Just like in the original, a fourth row creates 1,024 opportunities to land matches with every spin. On the reels, you’ll find scatters (the Scrolls), which lead to 12, 20 or 25 free spins, depending on how many you land. Special wilds with multipliers become available in the free spins session too, and the multipliers range from 2X to 4X to seriously boost wins. When more than one is part of a win, they’re multiplied together, which can lead to a massive 64X multiplier. Keep looking for more scatters because this feature can be retriggered by landing just two.


Wild and rugged scenery creates the perfect backdrop for a journey to find the mythic wolf—the lone character in this game’s intriguing storyline. You’ll catch glimpses of this beautiful creature in the form of game icons on the reels and as a still image in the background. Other icons include a full moon, diamond, a flower of life symbol, and two feathers that serve as the game’s scatter. When you land three or more of these scatters, you unlock the game’s Super Round, which consists of 7, 15, or 50 free spins, depending on the number of scatters that you land. Wilds take on a 10X multiplier to boost payouts.

The game’s bonus round can be accessed only through the free spins slots session. Lunar dice appear as a bonus icon, and if three or more land anywhere on the reels, they trigger the Lunar Phase. The game presents you with a choice of lunar phases that you can match to the dice to win payouts and complete your quest to find the mythic wolf.


It’s no surprise that Cat Kingdom contains a wealth of free spins. This 5-reel slot game has all of life’s spoils, including stacks of gold coins, gem-encrusted goblets filled with milk, a massive medieval castle complete with a drawbridge—and it’s all packaged in a simple yet effective all-ways-pay format. Even with such luxuries whizzing by on the reels, the best part of the game may be the lazy cat king that lounges on a velvet throne, with a crown on his head and a gold scepter in his paw that he uses to activate wilds. Align yourself with this powerful feline and you will be greatly rewarded.

This game should be at the top of the must-spin list for anyone looking for a high-paying free spin feature. The castle icons are the free spin scatters and by landing three, four, or five, you get 7, 15, or 30 free spins respectively, in addition to a 50-coin instant prize. Throughout free spins, the Cardinal, Mousketeer and Golden Knight game symbols transform into the game’s top-paying symbol: the Cat King. So keep your coffer open to gather and hold all of the riches that come your way in this incredibly lucrative bonus feature.


These five slot games have particularly attractive free spin features, but there are plenty more ways to experience the beauty of free games at SlotsLV Casino. Some games add progressive multipliers to their free spins mode, while others let you choose between a number of free spin and multiplier options. The best way to get a taste for the variety of free spins is to take slots out for a test run by using Practice Play mode. Enjoy the journey and let us know which games you like best for their free spin fun!