Variety is the spice of life, even at casinos, and it’s also one of the greatest things about playing online Bingo at casino. You’re not stuck there in the bingo hall with your dauber and the same old cards nor at stuffy old casinos. There are so many different ways to play online Bingo for money at casino, from the classic American and European slots to the popular 30-Ball and 80-Ball variants. 

Even if you’ve never stepped foot in a Bingo hall before or any other casinos, we’re going to get you up to speed by explaining everything you need to know about this popular casino playing pastime, including how it differs from live Bingo and all the various ways it can be played in our online casino for real money or for free. At the end, we’ll introduce you to two of our most popular online slots casino versions. Bingo is just one facet of our specialty games for real money options that continue to gain steam in our online slots casino. 


How to Play Online Bingo Games in our Casino


If you’ve played Bingo live before at other casinos or halls, you should be able to transition to online Bingo games free of hassle. Bingo is essentially a lottery with a pool of numbers from which winning numbers are drawn at random. Every time a winning number matches one of the numbers on your cards, it’s considered a “hit” and is crossed off. If your hits form a winning pattern listed on the real money paytable, you get the coinciding payout at our online slots gambling sites. 

For most games of online Bingo, you start by purchasing Bingo cards. Some versions let you buy up to 100 cards per round, while others have smaller caps of just four. With our traditional Bingo games, the number of balls drawn is up to you; choose between three options while keeping in mind, the more balls drawn, the better your odds of winning. On the other hand, drawing fewer balls leads to bigger real money payouts when gambling. 

After buying your cards, it’s time to release the balls. Hit the “Go” or “Play” button to initiate the draw. Each ball has one winning number on it that could coincide with one of the numbers on your Bingo cards. As matches are drawn, the numbers are crossed off your cards automatically.

Some of our online casino Bingo gambling games have special features that get you extra cash like bonus rounds. These typically involve a challenge that must be completed on a second game screen in exchange for money. There are also opportunities to purchase extra balls if you come close to winning a line in your gambling play. The higher the odds of the extra ball leading to a win, the more expensive the extra ball will be. And finally, the three games of Bingo at our online casino really spice things up by offering progressive money jackpots to players who land Bingo within a pre-determined number of balls drawn. These money jackpots can reach amounts far higher than what’s offered on the standard Bingo money paytable. 

Online Bingo vs. Live Bingo at Casinos 

 Most people have played live Bingo at some point in their lives at a casinos or other sites. The Bingo gambling experience has been fairly easy to replicate online like a slot machine, with a few key differences between the online Bingo experience, and what you’d encounter at a Bingo hall. For starters, virtual Bingo can be more creative than live Bingo in gambling. Many of our Bingo games have free themes that transport you to different sites of the world virtually. These themes are enhanced with bonus play rounds that offer extra ways to win cash online.

Another way that online Bingo differs from live Bingo is through bonus features such as the Extra Balls feature. It would be gambling with fate if Bingo players all tried buying and playing extra balls at the end of a round at a Bingo hall, but this is perfectly possible when you’re the only Bingo player, as is the case with online Bingo games.   


Online Bingo Variations at Casinos


We’re proud to be able to offer 11 unique ways to play Bingo in our online casino. Our classic Bingo games include American Bingo, European Bingo, 80-Ball Bingo and 30-Ball Bingo. Our modern version is Go-Go Bingo, which is ideal for smartphone users due to its new play. And our themed Bingo includes Bingo Cataratas, Bingo Goal, Amazonia Bingo, Bingo Ribeirinhos, Pesca Bingo and Tribo Bingo. We’ll briefly touch upon each of these games, and then showcase two of our most popular games, Bingo Cataratas and Go-Go Bingo, which are great starting games for new Bingo players playing at our sites.


American Bingo: This version has a pool of 75 numbers, and the cards have 5X5 grids with the “freebie” star in the center. Choose between 35, 45 and 55 balls to be drawn, keeping in mind that fewer balls mean bigger payouts. 


European Bingo: With the European version, your Bingo cards comprise 3X9 grids with five numbers per row. You can choose between 45, 55 and 65 balls being drawn from a pool of 90.


80-Ball Bingo: With 80-Ball Bingo, either 35, 45 or 55 numbers are drawn from a pool of 80 numbers. There are payouts for seven different patterns from single line to coverall.

30-Ball Bingo: This mini Bingo has a pool of just 30 numbers, and either 20, 22 or 24 numbers are drawn. The Bingo cards have little 3X3 grids and contain nine numbers. In order to win, you must cover the complete card.


Bingo Goal: Soccer fans love playing Bingo Goal, which takes place in a roaring soccer stadium that might feel like you hit the jackpot to the World Cup games. Each round accommodates up to four Bingo cards that cost between $0.10 and $10 each. For the ultimate experience, you must trigger the game’s bonus round; you’ll be brought to a second game screen where you take a penalty kick against the opposing team for a chance at winning all of the glory. This game includes a progressive jackpot that is triggered when players play Bingo within the first 30 balls.  


Amazonia Bingo: Deep in the Amazon lies four Bingo cards ready to be discovered and played. This version of Bingo has just four winning patterns, so the Extra Balls option is extra handy. A progressive jackpot is also available when you play four cards per round, and there’s also a fun bonus round that involves spotting exotic creatures in the trees.


Bingo Ribeirinhos: A fishing village off a river in South America is the setting of Bingo Ribeirinhos. This game lets you play up to four cards per round, with each card comprising a 3X5 grid of 15 numbers. 30 balls are drawn, with up to 13 extra ones available for purchase through the game’s Extra Balls feature. If you land the BONUS pattern, you’ll collect baskets of fish for extra payouts. 


Pesca Bingo: Pesca Bingo takes place in the deep blue sea where schools of fish swim between the cards. This game has 12 different winning patterns, including a BONUS one that triggers the game’s bonus round.  


Tribo Bingo: Visit a tribe of Bingo players in a remote area of South America with Tribo Bingo with a free plane ticket with Slots.Lv. This game is equipped with 10 winning patterns, and one of them gives you a chance to shoot blow-darts at targets for extra cash. Just like with our other themed Bingo games, you get access to an Extra Balls feature to try to complete near-misses after the 31-ball draw is complete.  




It’s time to get out of that bingo hall and casinos and head for the beautiful waterfalls of the Amazon rainforest. A jackpot experience in beautiful greenery and roaring waters. Bingo Cataratas is a 31-ball game with two special features. With the “Extra Ball” option, if you’re short one number of completing a line, you can buy an extra ball and try to complete your pattern. You can keep buying an extra ball up to 12 times as long as you’re missing one number. Even if they don’t complete a line, the extra balls will be marked off on your bingo cards, giving you more opportunities to win.

The second special feature with Bingo Cataratas is the bonus round, where you get to spin a wheel of fortune. If you buy an extra ball and it completes a perfect square in the center of your 5-by-3 card, Safari Joe and his pet toucan will join you for a spin. The wheel has 10 slots, each with a denomination from five coins up to 500. Every spin is a winner!




The modern layouts on table games like The New Blackjack have been a smash hit, so is giving you the same experience with Go-Go Bingo. You draw 30 balls in this game, and just like Bingo Cataratas, you have the option of buying an extra ball anytime you’re missing just one number to make a bingo. But with Go-Go Bingo, you have 12 different winning patterns on your 5-by-3 card instead of 10, and not only can you buy up to nine extra balls, sometimes you’ll get them for free. Gambling has never been more exciting at casinos! 

There are other extra features with both Bingo Cataratas and Go-Go Bingo, like being able to change your randomly-generated cards any time before the draw. Give these new games a spin for free using the free Practice Play mode at and see what all the fuss is about – you’ll never look at Bingo the same way again nor other casinos and games.