Would you like a little bonus cash with that Roulette spin? Playing table games with Bitcoin (aka BTC table games) means you get access to the most competitive bonuses in the industry. We’ve got first-time welcome bonuses for new Bitcoin depositors, and reoccurring match bonuses that can be used any time after you initial deposits. That means you’re eligible for free cash with virtually every deposit you make. If you’re not sure what is Bitcoin, it’s time to prioritize learning about it.

The transition from fiat to crypto is easier than you may think. There’s no need to be a tech whiz to buy Bitcoin anymore; apps have simplified the buying and selling process to the point where it can be done in a few clicks. We’ll go over how to deposit Bitcoin to play our various table games in this Bitcoin guide.


How to Play Baccarat with Bitcoin

To play Baccarat online with Bitcoin, you’ll need to have a digital wallet set up on your phone, and an account created with a Bitcoin exchange server. The exchange is where people go to trade currencies virtually. Buying and selling can be done in a matter of minutes. The wallet is where you “hold” your Bitcoin until you’re ready to use them; although, in reality, its greater function is the digital address code needed to facilitate a transaction.


How to Play Blackjack with Bitcoin

Online Blackjack requires the same initial set-up requirements as Baccarat, and all of our Bitcoin table games for that matter. Find yourself a reputable digital wallet for “storing” your Bitcoin, and an exchange for converting one currency to another. Once your accounts are up and running, you can buy and sell Bitcoin, and use it to fund your Slots Casino account. Coinbase and Blockchain are great examples of popular wallets that include an exchange component. They’re available for both iOS and Android.


How to Play Let Em Ride with Bitcoin

Before you play Let Em Ride with Bitcoin, you need to have a digital wallet (also known as a personal wallet and Bitcoin wallet) installed onto your smartphone. You can also use a web app, but for greater security, a phone app is the better choice. A wallet that includes an exchange is a convenient option because you can easily navigate between both panels. Set-up for the wallet is quick and easy, requiring only a verifiable email address and the creation of a new password. Your exchange account, on the other hand, will need to verify a piece of ID.


How to Play Craps with Bitcoin

Roll the bones with Bitcoin by following the same deposit route you typically use when you deposit funds into your Slots.lv Casino account, but opt for “cryptocurrency” instead of your usual deposit method. You’ll need to have a digital wallet up and running that’s loaded with Bitcoin in order to make the deposit. Bitcoin can be purchased with a regular “fiat” currency at an online exchange and then forwarded to your digital wallet for safekeeping.


How to Play Pai Gow Poker with Bitcoin

You won’t notice a difference in gameplay when you first play Pai Gow Poker with Bitcoin. You can continue to divide your poker hand into a high and low hand as you normally would. Even your balance will be in USD (CAD for Canadian players). When Bitcoin is deposited into your account, it’s automatically converted and stays that way until you’re ready to withdraw. You’ll need to follow the same initial set-up process as our other mBTC table games in order to fund your bankroll using Bitcoin.


How to Play Roulette with Bitcoin

While your Roulette strategy won’t change based on the type of currency you choose to deposit, the amount of bonus cash you’re eligible for will. Play Roulette with Bitcoin to get the most bang for your buck. Your first Bitcoin deposit gets supercharged with a 300% match bonus. The first step is to find a suitable digital wallet. As mentioned, some of them come as dual-purpose apps that include an exchange.

No matter what table game you want to play, getting started with Bitcoin follows the same two-step formula:

  1. Get a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies
  2. Set up an account with a reputable exchange

After completing these two steps, you can start to enjoy the perks that come with living the Bitcoin lifestyle at Slots Casino.