Exciting Casino Games Available at Slots.lv

Everyone loves the classics. Great games like Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat have stood the test of time; hundreds of years after their invention, these are still three of the most popular Slots.lv table games on our menu. But there’s always room for more. We’ve taken some of the best games from around the world and given them a fresh look for the internet age – here are four of the latest additions here at Slots.lv, with some helpful tips and strategies to increase your chances of winning.


Andar Bahar

Online casinos are huge in India, and you can now play one of their most popular games right here at Slots.lv. Andar Bahar is a very simple card game that traces its roots to Bangalore, although as with most traditional games, we can’t say for sure where it originated or when it was invented. It’s also known as Mangatha or Ullae Veliae among the Tamil people in Indian and Sri Lanka. There have been legal attempts to declare Andar Bahar a game of skill, but much like online baccarat, this is a game of pure chance that anyone can learn and play in a matter of seconds.

Andar Bahar uses the familiar 52-card “French” deck – only one deck is used – and in the classic live version, the game begins with the Dealer placing a single up-card in the middle of the table. There are two basic bets you can make: Andar (Hindi for “inside”) and Bahar (“outside”), representing the areas to the left and right of the up-card. Once the bets are placed, the Dealer will start laying cards face-up on either side, alternating, until one of the cards matches the rank of the up-card. If the last card dealt lands on the pile you selected, you win your bet and get paid out at even money.

The online version of Andar Bahar has some important differences you should know about before playing. In this version, you place your bets on either Andar or Bahar, then the middle card is dealt, and the Dealer always starts with the Andar pile on the left (the traditional game starts with the Andar side when the up-card is black, and the Bahar side when it’s red). Since the Andar pile always gets the first card, the payout for this bet is 9/10; the Bahar side pays out the full 1/1.

You also have the option of several side bets when you play Andar Bahar at Slots.lv. You can bet on what suit the up-card will be, whether it will be red or black, whether it will be an Ace, King, Queen, Jack or a numbered card, or whether it will be above or below an Eight (or exactly Eight). You can also bet on how many cards the Dealer will reveal before a match is made.

Although Andar Bahar is a game of pure chance, you can maximize your return by choosing the bets that carry the lowest house edge; in this game, the Andar bet has the lowest edge at 2.15%, followed by Bahar at 3%, then the side bets. However, as with all the games at Slots.lv, we highly recommend you play for entertainment purposes only – so place whichever bets you find the most fun, and stretch your entertainment dollar as you see fit.


Lucky Wheel

Here’s another great game that’s based on the classic Wheel of Fortune that’s been around since time immemorial. Lucky Wheel is about as simple as it gets; the wheel in this case features the digits 0 through 9, and all you have to do is place your bet on one of those digits and take a spin. While the wheel is turning, there’s also a random multiplier (1X, 2X, 3X, or 4X) displayed in the center of the wheel. The base payout for Lucky Wheel is 9/1, but you can win up to 36/1 if you also land that tasty 4X multiplier. Each digit pays out the same, so there’s no need to bring any strategy to the table when you play Lucky Wheel.


Teen Patti Rapid

Returning to the Indian subcontinent, we have a game that’s very similar to Tri Card Poker – but it’s even easier, and it’s been recently updated for better graphics and gameplay. Place your bet and receive three cards, face-up; if you get at least a pair, you win. Payouts range from 2/1 for a Pair to 50/1 for a Straight Flush. What could be simpler? By the way, the name Teen Patti is Hindi for “three cards,” and this version is called Rapid because there aren’t any side bets included.


Teen Patti Pro

Of course, side bets are a lot of fun when you play Slots.lv table games, so we’ve also included Teen Patti Pro on our menu. In this version, the Player and Dealer each receive three cards; much like Baccarat, you can bet on either the Player or Dealer to have the stronger three-card poker hand (each paying out at 9/10), or you can bet on a Split, which pays a massive 864/1. You can also place side bets on whether the Player or Dealer will have a Pair, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, or Straight Flush, with the Straight Flush paying the highest at 439/1.

Teen Patti Pro is one of the rare casino games where the longest shot on the table also has the lowest house edge: 2.10% for the Split in this case, compared to 5.10% for either the Player or Dealer. Again, the side bets in this game have higher edges, but don’t let that stop you from placing those bets. You can access all these games by entering your Slots.lv login and opening the Table Games menu – you can even try them for free using the Practice Play mode before you play for real money. See which ones you like the most, and stay tuned for even more great games coming soon to Slots.lv.