Walking into a casino for the first time can be daunting. With so many games pulling you in a multitude of directions, finding the right ones to play can be challenging… but we never shy away from a challenge! To help you navigate around Slots.lv and discover the best casino games to play, we’ve created this handy guide, which will match the type of gambling experience you’re looking for with the best games for the job.

The easiest way to tackle the hundreds of great games at Slots.lv is to divide them into four groups. There’s something for everyone on our online casino floor, whatever your personal gaming style might be, but chances are you’re looking for one of the following four experiences.

If You Like Effortless Fun, You Should Try Slots

All of the games at Slots.lv are meant to be played for fun, but some games require a little more brain power to figure out than others. That’s the great thing about online slots; you don’t need to study optimal strategies or do any math to enjoy them! If you’re in the mood for a simple and easy game to play, head to the slot machines. 

Just because they are simple doesn’t mean they aren’t filled with winning potential, though. These are loaded with features like mini games, expanding wilds, bonus rounds and free spins. All you have to do is find a theme that appeals to you (sports, ancient Rome, old-school Las Vegas) and start spinning. When the reels stop, you’ll know if you hit paydirt. 

Bonus Tip: The 3-reel slots (like 5 Times Vegas) are easier for new players to follow, while their 5-reel counterparts (like A Night with Cleo) offer more thrills and excitement.

If You Like Strategic Gameplay, You Should Try Table Games

If you’re the kind of person who likes to solve puzzles, table games are the right choice for you. Most of these games require at least a little know-how if you want to narrow the built-in house edge as much as possible. Even a game of pure chance like Roulette or Baccarat has enough twists and turns to make it fun to learn. 

In general, the more skill there is to the game, the smaller the house edge will be. Of all our table games, Blackjack gives you the best chance to use strategy to your advantage, and we have six different types of Blackjack waiting for you in our table games section. Be sure to read up on the latest Blackjack tips and tricks (plus valuable info on how to play our other skill-based games) in the strategy section of our blog. 


If You Like Solo Poker, You should Try Video Poker

As much fun as poker is to play with other people, it’s also a good game to play on your own. Our video poker section at Slots.lv will please the most ardent Texas Hold’em fan. Instead of trying to outwit your opponents, all you have to do is make a good enough hand to earn a payout; for example, Jacks or Better requires at least a pair of Jacks to win. Every round deals you five cards from a single deck, then you get one chance to pick which cards to keep, and which to swap out for new ones. The optimal strategies for these games are a lot easier to learn than Texas Hold’em, but still challenging enough to test any would-be video poker master.

If You Like Luck-Based Excitement, You Should Try Specialty Games

Our fourth and final category is for all the players at Slots.lv who like to get lucky. Our Specialty section offers a wide array of virtual Bingo games as well as Keno Draw, which will have you shouting out your wins in no time flat. These are popular thanks to their easy format that Slots.lv players love. It takes nothing to pull out your phone while waiting in a lineup or from your couch and fit in a few rounds of these games.

Now that you know the four basic categories of casino games, it’s time to browse the menu at Slots.lv and see which ones look the best to you. If you’re a new player and you haven’t already, don’t forget to claim your $5,000 Welcome Bonus, which we’ll bump up to $7,500 if you use Bitcoin to make your initial deposit. The more you play, the more bonus money you can earn, which will give you even more opportunity to check out all of the great games we have on tap for you at Slots.lv.