Since slots have gone online, they’ve shed their reputation of simplicity and have progressed down the road of innovation. New technology has made it possible to replicate cinema-quality graphics and videos—and it’s truly impressive. But with all of these upgrades comes a yearning for something vintage that can evoke the sentiment of the original machines. While there’s no going back to the clunky Liberty Bell, it’s possible to bring forth the essence of the original slot machine in a more convenient digital form. 

Enter the traditional-themed online slot. These games reject the bells and whistles of the tech-focused video slots and opt for simplicity at its best. You’ll recognize the game icons and be able to follow the action without having to consult with payline grids. Below, we’ve compiled a list of five classic online slots that will remind you that newer isn’t always better. To deposit and play now, simply follow the link to launch a session and enjoy the trip down memory lane. 

10 Times Wins 

What do you think of when you imagine a traditional slot machine—other than the manual lever? Many veteran casino players will automatically think of Cherries, BAR symbols and No. 7’s, which are basically the same icons you’d find on antique fruit machines. That’s also what you’ll find spinning around the reels of 10 Times Wins. This vintage slot game is the sequel to the very popular Five Times Wins, but there is a key difference in the wild. 

When you play online slots for real money, multipliers are typically on the radar, and the wild in Ten Times Wins comes equipped with a massive 10X multiplier. It may be the most powerful wild in our casino. The 10X wild icon substitutes for all other game icons in order to create extra wins, while boosting payouts astronomically with its 10X multiplier. A standard 120-coin payout becomes a 1,200-coin payout when the wild subs in. 

The wild is fairly easy to land, thanks to the three paylines that triple win opportunities with every spin. And for those who prefer to stretch out their gameplay by reducing the number of active paylines, simply use the “Select Lines” button to choose which lines you want engaged and which you want disengaged. 

Due to the pared down 3-reel, 3-payline format, 10 Times Wins is perfect for mobile gaming. Flip your phone into landscape mode and hit the “Spin” button for a portable casino gaming experience that can rival what you’d find in traditional brick-and-mortar establishments.

777 Deluxe

777 Deluxe has a similar visual appeal as 10 Times Wins, but the format is different. Being a classic slot game, the icons are traditional and include Cherries, Lemons, Sevens, BARs, Horseshoes and Bells, which are depicted as holograms spinning over a black celestial backdrop. Unlike the more basic 3-reel slots, this one has five reels and 10 multidirectional paylines. Matching icons can land left-to-right, right-to-left and within the three central reels—all count as wins. 

The expanded format makes it possible for the game to accommodate more elaborate bonus features that are definitely worth exploring. One non-standard game symbol is the Mystery Icon, which you’ll quickly recognize as the Question Mark. When fewer than three land on the reels, they simply take the form of a random game icon; however, if three or more appear, they trigger the game’s second-screen bonus round.

During the base game, a progressive jackpot hovers above the reels, increasing in value with every incoming bet. The only way to access it is through the aforementioned bonus round, which takes you behind the velvet rope to a set of three reels. These reels contain No. Sevens, with the only variable being the color, which coincides with a special reward. Payouts are available for every result, and the best result possible is three Gold Sevens that award the game’s progressive jackpot.

Right now, the progressive jackpot is hovering around the $63,000-mark, just waiting for that one special spin to come up gold. If you can make it to the bonus round, the potential to hit it big is good—especially if you have a bit of luck on your side.

Five Times Wins

With Ten Times Wins on the list, we had to include Five Times Wins too. This game feels just like a mechanical slot machine, right down to the flashing neon “Jackpot” lights that sit overtop of the reels. The game’s sound effects mimic the noise of a physical slot machine, while the background music is light and jazzy—just what you’d expect when you play classic slots online. 

You’ll quickly recognize all of the icons spinning through the three reels of this classic slot game. Multi-colored Sevens, BARs, Cherries and the “5X” logo all trigger payouts when three or more line up on the game’s paylines. Wilds are also included to boost wins by subbing in for winning icons, and when they do, the payout is multiplied by five.

The bet-per-line decision you make pre-spin can have a massive impact on winnings in this game simply because the top payout, the progressive jackpot, requires a three-coin bet for eligibility. Bet two coins and land three 5X symbols, and you get paid 3000 coins. Bet one coin and land three, and you get 1500 coins. Only with three coins and three 5X icons can you get that flashing progressive jackpot, which is teetering at the $358,000-mark as we go to press.

Food Fight!

There’s something incredibly liberating about chucking a tomato across a cafeteria in an old-fashioned food fight. The best way to experience the chaos is in digital form where you get to take part in the fun, but won’t end up dripping in tomato sauce. That’s just one of the reasons Food Fight has developed such a big following with online slot players.

The other reason is the payouts. They are generous and sometimes require just two matches on a payline for a win. Keep in mind the amount you bet has a direct impact on the amount you win, as all six game icons pay a premium for five-icon matches when you bet the maximum five coins per payline. That goes all the way up to the game’s progressive jackpot. Line up five Pudding icons with a five-coin bet, and that beefy pot of money is all yours.

Beyond the payouts listed on the paytable, Food Fight also has a scatter bonus included in the form of an ice cream cone. Keep an eye out for the cone, ice cream and toppings because if you get all three component on a single spin, they assemble and pay the Ice Cream Scatter Bonus award for up to 405 credits on max bet.

Spinning the reels and assembling ice cream cones is one thing, but people play Food Fight because they want to sling pies at unsuspecting victims. In order to do this, you’ll need to trigger the Food Fight Bonus Round. Land the three components of a Key Lime Pie (Pie, Meringue and Strawberries), and you’ll get to hop on a table and start launching pies at people while collecting coins with each hit. A maximum of 3,960 credits can be won through this bonus round. 

21 Wilds

Blackjack players are always delighted to discover our blackjack-inspired slot game, 21 Wilds. This 5-reel, 9-line slot may look like the classic table game at first glance, but it follows the standard spin-to-win format of slots. This highly-rewarding casino game has the potential to pay well thanks to a nice array of bonus features.

Right off the bat, the two-directional paylines double your chances of winning without adding extra cost. Matches can run left-to-right and right-to-left and still be considered a win. In the base game, you’ll also find an interesting multiplier meter at the top of the reels that progresses from 1X to 16X. This feature mitigates losses by moving up a single multiplier unit with every losing spin. If you were to lose for 16 straight spins, and then hit a win, you’d get 16X the payout listed on the paytable.  

Scatters and a wild also spin throughout the reels, increasing your odds of winning. The wild subs for all icons, with the exception of scatters and the bonus symbol, while scatters pay 2X your total stake plus initiate a five-spin free spin session. Lastly, the bonus symbol, displayed as a Treasure Chest, provides an opportunity to click and collect a bonus payout should three or more land anywhere on the reels.

All five of these slots are available for real money payouts when you play them in our online casino. Simply select “Real Play” upon launch and hit that Spin button for a chance to relive the glory days of mechanical slot machines—from the comfort of home.