Why Bitcoin is Best for Online Casino Gaming

Few could have predicted the exponential growth that Bitcoin would have after being released to the public almost free of charge 12 years ago. But in hindsight, it makes sense. As the world continues to charge full steam ahead into the digital realm, people need better ways to conduct business online. After all, when large banks are responsible for facilitating transactions and converting currencies from one to another, the end result is lengthy, expensive, and simply unsatisfying for many. 

When it comes to transactions online, Bitcoin solves the pain points associated with traditional fiat currencies. It’s a global digital currency that is independent of financial institutions and governments; instead of being controlled by a government, it uses a peer-to-peer network to take care of the bookkeeping through block-chain technology. You’ll immediately notice the difference when switching to Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals at Slots Casino. Let us show you how to use Bitcoin, so that you can go ahead and make that first deposit with bitcoin. With Bitcoin, online casino gaming is simple and enjoyable—just as it should be.

Where Bitcoin is Today

When Bitcoin was first released in 2009, it was worth $0.0008 and mainly targeted cryptographers. Fast-forward 12 years later and the value has surged to $54,000 USD for a single coin. It’s hard to imagine any investment increasing at that breakneck speed, which speaks volume for the public’s hunger for decentralized currency options.

Of course, you don’t need to buy a full Bitcoin to partake in its market; most people operate in fractions that suit their daily needs. When you make your first Bitcoin purchase, you simply input the amount of money that you wish to trade for Bitcoin, and the corresponding amount of Bitcoin (at market value) is automatically suggested.

Easy Deposits 

Anyone who has ever had a deposit fail to go through in a transaction will appreciate the ease in which Bitcoin deposits are handled. Credit cards are infamous for issuers blocking various online gaming sites, and now we no longer need them. After setting up the necessary programs to operate in cryptocurrency, making a deposit is 100% guaranteed to go from your digital wallet to your Slots Casino account, and at a much faster speed than the more traditional deposit methods. That’s because just one confirmation on the Blockchain is required in order to post your funds in your account balance, and that typically takes about 15 minutes.

Another benefit to using Bitcoin for deposits are the increased limits. When you use a credit card, the minimum deposit is $20 and the maximum is $1,000 (for new players); however, switch to Bitcoin, and the minimum becomes $10 and maximum $5,000. It helps you organize your deposits in the way that best suits your needs.

Easier Withdrawals

At the other end of the equation, withdrawals are also easier when done via Bitcoin, and you get the same increased limits as offered with deposits. To request a withdrawal, follow the same steps that you would with a traditional withdrawal method, but you’ll need to input your digital wallet’s address code when using a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. A video walkthrough of the process can be viewed via the Sending Bitcoin to Your Wallet video in our library

Once your withdrawal appears in your digital wallet, it can be converted to USD through a regulated exchange, or kept as BTC. A Bitcoin withdrawal takes roughly half as long as our other withdrawal methods to get authorized, and once approved, it takes just 15 minutes to go through the Blockchain on an average day. Compare that to the four to seven days required for a couriered check to arrive, and it’s clear that Bitcoin is the more expedient option.  

Beautiful Bitcoin Bonuses

A lot of casino players choose Slots Casino for our industry-leading bonuses, but did you know that the bonuses get even better when you deposit with Bitcoin? Let’s take a look at our welcome bonus as an example. Typically, our welcome bonus comprises nine match bonuses; the first one is 200% for up to $1,000, and the following eight are 100% for up to $500. The grand total should you max out all of these bonuses would be $5,000. Switch to Bitcoin, and the first match bonus increases to 300% for up to $1,500, while the following eight are good for 150% up to $750 each. The grand total of bonus money available through this Bitcoin Welcome Bonus is $7,500.

The Bitcoin bonuses continue beyond the Welcome Bonus. Look at our Promotions page, and you’ll find that the Double Up bonus offers a premium when you use it with Bitcoin. The 100% match bonus turns into a 150% match bonus and is good for $250 with 50 free spins on a specified slot instead of just $150 and 30 free spins. The Crypto Double Up can also be redeemed twice a week instead of once! Friend referrals are another program that incentivizes Bitcoin deposits, as you get an extra $25 per referral if your friend uses Bitcoin as their initial deposit method. 

Trust us when we say online casino gaming is better with Bitcoin. Start your journey to crypto freedom today by downloading a digital wallet, such as Coinbase, and signing up for an account with a regulated cryptocurrency exchange. Our Getting Started with Bitcoin page covers every step of the process, and as always, our friendly customer service team is happy to answer all of your Bitcoin-related questions any time of the day. Welcome to the future of online casino gaming.