There’s no better online casino bonus than a Bitcoin bonus. Almost every bonus we offer has two versions: one version is for Bitcoin players, and the other version is for non-Bitcoin players. Without fail, the Bitcoin players get the best value. When casino players use Bitcoin, transactions get easier for everyone, and that’s worth rewarding.

For a brief explanation on how to use Bitcoin for slots and how to get the best bonus for your Bitcoin deposit, continue reading this Bitcoin Guide. If you’re new to the crypto scene, check out our Bitcoin 101 page for an explanation on what is Bitcoin.

How to Use Bitcoin for Online Slots

Wondering how to deposit Bitcoin into your Casino account? Unless you already have Bitcoin stashed away, you’ll need to go buy some at an exchange like Coinbase or Blockchain. Only when it’s loaded in your digital wallet can you deposit some into your Slots account.

Simply follow the regular steps to make a deposit, but instead of selecting “Credit Card,” go with Bitcoin (or Bitcoin Cash if that’s what you purchased). When you select Bitcoin as a deposit method, an address code will appear; you’ll need to copy and paste it into your digital wallet.


Best Bitcoin Bonus

In the US, Bitcoin casino no deposit bonuses are rare; more often you’ll be looking at match bonuses. We have a lot of match bonuses for Bitcoin players, and the very best Bitcoin bonus is the welcome one, which is a combo bonus. The first bonus is a 300% match bonus that’s good for up to $1,500 in bonus cash; this is non-redeemable. The subsequent bonus is a 150% match bonus for up to $750 that’s redeemable eight times.

After you use up all of the Bitcoin Welcome Bonuses, check out the Crypto Double Up for a 150% match bonus up to $250 (plus 50 free spins on a specified slot) to use twice a week. 


How to Activate the Bitcoin Casino Bonus

At the time of deposit, use the “Choose Your Bonus” menu to select the bonus you want. All of them, including the 300% Bitcoin Welcome Bonus, will be there until you use it up. Once you select the one you want, the Bitcoin casino bonus will automatically be applied to your deposit.