A lot of people want to know the best ways to win and get paid at Slots Casino. It’s no wonder why—there’s a lot of mixed information out there. The online slots guide says slots are the way to go, while the online table games guide says there’s no better option than table games. In reality, it’s not mutually exclusive. Both slots and table games have a role to play in winning money, which is why our list of the top-five games includes both.

One area that’s much more straightforward than game selection is withdrawals. We have multiple withdrawal options, but only Bitcoin withdrawals lead to an immediate payment once the withdrawal is approved. It’s the best withdrawal option on the market hands down. In this article we’ll explain the basics of getting started with Bitcoin after showcasing our best casino games for getting paid.


Gold Rush Gus

While most online casino games include a wild, scatter and mini game as bonus features, Gold Rush Gus has a myriad of ways to get paid beyond the standard. Should you land two Key symbols, for instance, you’ll get to open a Treasure Chest, which can contain any of the following four bonus items:

  • Mini Jackpot
  • Bonus Game
  • Instant Money Reward
  • Progressive Jackpot

In addition to the Treasure Chest, Gold Rush Gus also offers a free spins session boosted by a multiplier, and a Lava Reels Re-Spin which can turn a losing spin into a winning one. Last but not least, a wild substitutes for all other icons, other than the Key and Free Spin scatter, in order to create more wins.


A Night With Cleo

Fast-track your way to a juicy payout by playing the 5-reel, 20-line slot, A Night With Cleo. After triggering any payout during the base game, you have the option to Collect or Gamble your winnings. If you go with the latter, you’ll meet Cleopatra for a round of Double-or-Nothing. She holds a flower in each hand and asks you to pick one; choose the one with gold coins, and not only do you double your payout, you also initiate an act of seduction. The Gamble feature can be used up to five times in a row for every win.

If you prefer a passive approach to winning big, you can forget the Gamble feature and simply spin the reels hoping to trigger the game’s random progressive jackpot. There’s no minimum bet required to be eligible—simply spin, and you may win.


777 Deluxe

777 Deluxe uses the signature slot machine icons from days of yore, including fruit and lucky No. 7s. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is your grandma’s slot machine. Each symbol is a 3D hologram floating through space, and if the stars align, a meteor shower of payouts could fall your way. The best thing you can do in this game is trigger the bonus round by landing three Question Marks anywhere on the reels. In the bonus round, three reels with lucky No. 7s let you spin them free of charge. The payouts depend on the color you land:

Payout Color of Seven
1X Mixed
2X Pink
5X Purple
10X Green
25X Blue
50X Silver
250X Red
Jackpot Gold

The jackpot that’s awarded for landing three gold 7s is the game’s progressive jackpot advertised at the top of the game screen.



When people want certainty in their gaming outcomes, they turn to Blackjack. There’s no need to outsmart the dealer in this table game. Following basic strategy is all it takes to whittle down the house edge to under 1%. Unsure of what to do with a 12 versus a dealer Five? Stand. Debating splitting 10s in hope of landing two naturals? Keep the 10s in-tact. A strategy chart covers every single scenario you can think of. Just make sure that the chart reflects the version of Blackjack you’re playing.

We have nine versions of Blackjack to choose from, including two editions of Single Deck, Double Deck and Classic. Fans of Euro Blackjack will be pleased to know that they can play their preferred edition too. And for a twist on traditional Blackjack, check out Zappit Blackjack and Perfect Pairs.


Progressive Table Games

Caribbean Stud Poker, Caribbean Hold’Em and Let ‘Em Ride make up our progressive table games, as they have a progressive jackpot included as a side bet. For just $1, you can toss your hat in the ring for a bonus should you land a Flush, Straight Flush, Full House, or Royal Flush. We’ll explain how to play each of these three progressive table games.


Caribbean Hold’Em

You’re up against the dealer in this Texas Hold’Em-based table game. After placing an Ante, you and the Dealer get two cards each, and the flop is revealed. Choose to fold, or raise and see the final two cards. The dealer needs a pair of 4s as a minimum to qualify for the round.


Caribbean Stud Poker

There’s no flop in Caribbean Stud Poker. After putting down the Ante, you and the dealer get a five-card hand. Choose to go up against the dealer by raising, or end the round by folding. The dealer needs a minimum hand of Ace/King to qualify for the round


Let ‘Em Ride

There’s no opponent to beat in Let ‘Em Ride. This table game pays out any time you get a pair of 10s as a minimum hand requirement. The round begins with three cards of your five-card hand being dealt face-up on the table. You get an opportunity to raise and see the fourth card, and then raise again and see the final fifth card.


Bitcoin Withdrawals

While getting a withdrawal via check by courier, bank wire or credit card is possible, the best casino withdrawals come via Bitcoin. If you’re unfamiliar with Bitcoin, you can think of it as a type of digital currency with far more flexibility than standard transaction methods. This flexibility leads to faster withdrawals and 100% guaranteed deposits. If you’re wondering just how fast Bitcoin withdrawals can be, let’s compare them with our other withdrawal methods. Check by courier and credit card take four to seven business days. Bank wire takes five to ten business days. Bitcoin, on the other hand, takes approximately 15 minutes once the withdrawal is approved.

Through the withdrawal process, the funds go from your Slots Casino account to a digital wallet on your smartphone. An exchange platform then makes it easy to convert Bitcoin to USD or CAD should you wish to pull out the money. Once you’re set up with the digital wallet and familiar with the exchange, depositing and withdrawing funds becomes quicker and more rewarding than before. Check out all of our Bitcoin-focused promotions in order to see how lucrative switching to cryptocurrency can be.