What is the Best Bitcoin Wallet to Play Online Slots Casino?

When people ask us how to deposit Bitcoin at Slots Casino, we always start with the Bitcoin wallet. The digital wallet has an address that’s needed to send and receive Bitcoin, so there isn’t much you can do until you get one. Naturally, the following question is what’s the best wallet to use? The selection can get overwhelming when you’re just learning what is Bitcoin, so it’s understandable that people simply want a Bitcoin guide that will point them in the direction of something reputable. We’ll do that while also providing basic instruction on how to locate and download your wallet.

Setting Up a Bitcoin Wallet

A Bitcoin wallet can be set up right onto your device as an app, or it can be accessed through the web. We recommend downloading it onto your phone for extra security. To download onto your phone, you’ll need to launch your App Store and search “Bitcoin Wallet.” After selecting and downloading a wallet, you’ll need to put in a verifiable email address and create a password for your wallet; you’ll also need to accept the terms of service before proceeding. Once everything is up and running, there will be a dashboard with your balance in various cryptocurrencies, and a “Send” and “Request” button for your future transactions.

What is the Best Bitcoin Online Wallet to Use?

Two popular Bitcoin online casinos wallet options are Coinbase and Blockchain. Both of these options combine a wallet with an exchange, so you can buy and sell Bitcoin without needing to download a second app. We have a video on setting up a wallet with Blockchain in our Video Library.

Playing Online Slots and Blackjack with Bitcoin

All of our online casino games, including slots and table games like Blackjack, can be played for real money payouts when you deposit with Bitcoin. In order to deposit the funds for a casino session, you’ll need to generate the digital address for your Slots Casino account by following the steps to “Deposit with Bitcoin.” Paste the address into your digital wallet, and approximately 15 minutes later, the deposit will appear in your Slots account, where it’s converted to USD (CAD for Canadian players). For more information on the benefits of betting with Bitcoin, see our Perks of Bitcoin article.