What are the top 3 slots that you love to play? You could probably tell us your tried and true go-to’s as quickly as ABC. They are the reliable way to add a little fun and escape to your day. You just log in, pull up your favorite slot, and hit spin! Easy-peasy!

But what if you’re missing out on something new and exciting? Something that could alter your top slots list – and potentially your bankroll?

Well, you just might be if you’re not trying some of our new slot games at Slots.lv! Every week, we put out new releases that have fantastic, fresh features and themes that you have yet to explore. There’s never-before-seen bonus rounds, amazing untapped jackpots, and so much more to discover. The latest slots can be found under “New Games”, but to get you started, we are previewing 6 new slots to take for a spin first:

Fury of Zeus

Zeus is not the kind of god you want to be messing with. He’s known for being the king of the gods in Greek mythology, and he’s also known to throw a mean thunderbolt, not unlike that Thor character who keeps getting all of the juicy film roles. While the big guy is fuming, you’ll be winning even bigger prizes in Fury of Zeus, a 5-reel, 20-payline slot with a tasty progressive jackpot waiting to be claimed.

This is one of the easier games here at Slots.lv, so if you’re a relative newcomer, or you just want something a little less challenging, Fury of Zeus is for you. The only symbols you have to deal with in the main game are the “royal” symbols representing the poker ranks from Ace through Nine, and four Greek gods representing the high symbols, with Zeus paying out the highest at 2500X when he appears on all five reels. There’s also a Scatter symbol (marked “Scatter”) and a Wild symbol (marked “Wild”) that work together to trigger a Free Spins with multiplier. That’s all there is to it – perfect for new players and Hellenophiles alike.

Dragon Blast

These legendary creatures usually come in the form of flying fire-breathing serpents. Dragons are especially popular in East Asia, which is central to the theme of this 5-reel, 50-payline slot. But no matter where you’re from, you’re sure to get a blast from Dragon Blast. 

This isn’t just one of our new slots – it’s already one of our most popular, too! Dragon Blast packs a ton of intense graphics onto your screen: The high symbols are all made of gold, which pairs nicely with the dragon’s fiery breath. Speaking of which, the dragon on your game display will get more and more animated as your prizes grow larger. Land at least three Scatter symbols (represented by a glowing Orb) to trigger the Dragon Blast Free Spins feature, which can also be re-triggered for Lucky Bonus Re-Spins, and watch for the Wild symbol 祿 (lu), the Chinese character for prosperity.

Fa Fa Fa

There are many ways to say “prosperity” in Chinese, each with a slightly different meaning. The character 发 (fa) means “wealth” or “good fortune,” and it’s the only symbol spinning in this very simple 3-reel, 1-payline slot. All you have to do is match three of these symbols based on the color, which is why it’s called Fa Fa Fa.

Red is the dominant color in this game and pays the most at 100X, but there are two other colors to keep in mind. Lining up three green Fa symbols is worth 25 times your bet, three blue Fas will pay out 50X. If your three Fas aren’t all the same color, don’t worry – you still get a 5X prize. There aren’t any features like Free Spins or bonus rounds in Fa Fa Fa, so there’s nothing to distract you from the main goal of this game. In the words of the great Taoist philosopher Zhuangzi, so fa, so good.

Golden Children

Sticking with East Asia for a moment, we have another Chinese-themed game that’s new to Slots.lv. Golden Children refers to the immortals who serve the goddess known as Guanyin, who stands for compassion. It’s also a term used to describe today’s younger generation of well-heeled Chinese citizens. But you don’t have to be one of these lucky people to get a kick out of this 5-reel, 100-payline slot.

As with Dragon Blast, there are two bonus features included in Golden Children. The Wild Scrolls Free Spins mode is triggered by landing three or more Scatter symbols (the Pot of Gold). This feature is called Wild Scrolls because it combines with the Wild symbol, which is represented by two red scrolls emerging from a vast mountain of gold coins. During each of your free spins, two of the reels will be filled at random with these Wild symbols, giving you even more ways to grab yourself some of that gold cash.

Ganesh’s Blessing

Moving a little further south, we visit the throne of Ganesh, one of the most famous gods from the Hindu tradition. Among his many attributes, Ganesh is a bringer of good fortune, which makes him the ideal host for Ganesh’s Blessing. This game has four reels (and 20 paylines), one reel for each of his four arms.

There are many more armfuls of riches waiting for you in Ganesh’s palace. This game has a very special Free Spins feature where the game display rotates 90 degrees after each spin has been paid out. Then, once any additional winnings have been determined, the board rotates again, then a third and a fourth time to complete the revolution. It’s one of the most entertaining features you’ll find with any of the new slots, so make sure to give Ganesh’s Blessing a spin.

Reindeer Wild Wins XL

If you’re thinking that it’s way too early for Christmas, don’t worry: There is no sign of Kris Kringle anywhere in Reindeer Wild Wins XL. The idea for Old St. Nick to have reindeer was based on Celtic pagan traditions from long ago, when these animals still roamed Great Britain and Ireland. According to ancient legend, the reindeer is a spirit animal beckoning you on a quest – a quest for riches in this case.

Helping you along the way in Reindeer Wild Wins XL are the three huntresses representing the high symbols, as well as the Mystic Reindeer himself, which pays out the maximum 500X when he appears on every reel of this special 5-reel game. There are no traditional paylines with this slot; winning combinations can be read left to right on adjacent reels without having to line up a specific way, giving you 1,024 different ways to win. All this, plus Free Spins and Wild Multipliers, too.

Not sure which of these six new slot games to try first? All the games at Slots.lv can be played for free using the Practice Play mode, so go ahead and take a spin on all of them before deciding which ones you like the most. Then, once you’re ready, activate the Real Play mode to start playing real money slots. You just may discover a new favorite!